Trip sheet

Good day Fellow mariners. I was curious if anyone out there would have a blank trip sheet the CG uses for first class pilot round trip experience? I’m out in the field and don’t have any blanks for a new signature. If so I would be deeply indebted thank you.

For what pilotage area? There is no boiler plate “trip sheet” accepted by all pilot authorities.

I am pretty sure he means for the Coast Guard, not an Association.

I would just type up a new one. Spend 9 minutes less on Netflix, Facebook and GCap tonight.


Never had a “Formal” trip sheet issued by any organization. Kept a vessel log to verify and a neatly filled out trip sheet I made myself. Had discharges(Do you get those anymore?) to attest where I got on and off. Company letter to back it up. Was never turned down by USCG to test for Federal pilotage with those “Documents” I know many things have changed since I retired almost two decades ago, but no, there was not a designated trip sheet issued by USCG back then.

Yes you are correct. I meant REC’s.