Transition To Tugs From Unlimited License

I have my 2nd Mate Oceans Unlimited Tonnage license, but would like to transition over to tugboats. I do not have my TOAR and was wondering how i go about transitioning and getting my TOAR? Unsure of how to go about doing this? Do I need to sail as an AB on a tug, classes, etc? Any info would be great

The TOAR needs to be signed by a Coast Guard approved Designated Examiner (DE). There are a very few DEs who offer their services commercially, the vast majority are working tug Masters. So if you cannot find a commercial DE, or do not want to pay for one, your only option is probably to find a job on deck on a boat where the Captain is a DE.

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I thought it had to be a master, relief capt or C/M who was working with you who was a DE to sign the TOAR? Somebody who was a senior member of the crew at least. Does anyone know how the commercial USCG Designed Examiner option works? That doesn’t sound like a bad retirement or part-time gig if the pay was okay.

Beautiful Hull Massachusetts

Offers some sim based Z-Drive Courses. The DE/Owner of Maritime Toar is affiliated with the school. Very nice facility. Took several courses there in the past.

Fuckin’ NY

Nice Old Railroad Tug. Designed for the deckhand who has no access to a DE but a lot of hands on experience.

Researched them both a few years back but never used either. Priorities at home changed.

Good Luck!

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Pretty hard to find these days with how competitive the job market is, but during better times it wasn’t unheard of to get hired by a company and run as an extra mate while getting your toar signed off.

Otherwise you may have to work as an ab in the meantime.

Don’t waste your time. Just go to Diamond Marine or one of the other commercial TOAR courses. It’s fast and easy for a reasonable fee, similar to the STCW course fees.

You’re still going to need 60 days of tug seatime, but that will be easier to get if you have the TOAR in hand.