Transition from Coast Guard CWO3 (NAVENG) to DDE

I recently went over 20 and am considering retiring and possibly looking for a job on an inland tug or at least have the option available. I have a basic understanding of the license requirements, but was wondering if anyone may have some insight on how to convert my Coast Guard experience and training into a MMD.

I have 9.5 yrs sea time on 4 cutters, all below 4,000hp. I was a EOW on all 4 and enlisted at the time, FN-EMC. My understanding is that since I was EOW, that would qualify as 3rd assistant engineer time. But right now I only want to pursue a DDE since I’m looking for inland tugs and would be the only engineer on board. Would it be worth pursuing an higher license at all?

My recent sea time (last 3years) will expire in June. So if I understand it correctly, I will need to have a CPR and First Aid class before applying. I have attended two different basic/advanced firefighting courses but they were well beyond the 5 year limit. Does anyone know if I will have to take a new firefighting course before applying? Also can I take the DDE exam before I submit my application? Looks like I need to have this all done by June before my recent sea time expires.

It seems it was much easier enlisting than applying for a MMD.

Get a licensing consultant…I have met some ex military guys who have gotten screwed around trying to use their military sea time. A consultant would also help with questions regarding past firefighting courses you have done.

Anyone would tell you that regardless of what your career goals are, apply for the biggest license you can get. I understand your experience is on boats less than 4000 hp, but you can probably get approved to test for DDE unlimited. DDE licenses go by seatime with no regards to hp as long as you worked on a vessel with a walk in engine room and over 1000 hp I believe. Once again, getting a consultant would be good to look at your options.

For any endorsement or license, you need to apply and be evaluated/approved before you can test. Good luck.

Hi Bryan, I am a deck guy but can tell you that I had to re-take a firefighting course for my license, despite attending CG and Navy courses in the past. Hit me up in global or communicator if you want to chat (lcdr c. nolan). Good luck!

Be more specific on “inland tug”. Lots of inland tugs don’t have engineers. They may have an AB with engineering duties. Some, not even an AB, just an OS. What is the area that you would like to work? NY, Miss river, Delaware bay? Florida rivers? Atlantic Intra Coastal Waterway? If you want to be a licensed engineer on an inland tug you need to get on something big.

Thanks to all, for the replies. I was not aware there were licensing consultants but I may just utilize one. I did some more research over the weekend and now have a better grasp on what my seatime will qualify me for.

By inland tug, I was referring to coastal and inland tugs and barges. My dad worked in the industry for many years as a DDE for a company in the mid atlantic area. I’m retiring in Maine so I would be hopefully working somewhere in the Norrheast but depending on pay and schedule don’t mind traveling.

Someone has also pointed me in the direction of OSVs in the Gulf so I may pursue that avenue as well. After I get my initial license, I plan on using the GI bill to attend as many STCW courses as I can.

Thanks again for all the input and if anyone has any insight on OSV engineering jobs let me know.

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