Transas route export/imports?

I’m sure I’m not the only sailor around that is curious “how to…” in Transas. Anyone familiar with a user forum based entirely to Transas or ECDIS stuff?

I’m looking to figure out how to export routes from Transas to a csv or excel. I’ll keep horsing around with it and post if I find anything.

I’ve started to figure this out. I’m actually planning on writing it up into a word doc with instructions and pictures. Anyways the meat and potatoes:
exit Transas
start > All Programs > Transas Multifunctional Display > DataTool utility

That little utility can import & export routes that are inside the program. Transas deals in .rt3 files that don’t translate easily into anything else.

There is a nice print function inside Transas though. If you install some sort of print to PDF, like Cute PDF, then you can print the routes nice looking to a pdf and move them around via USB drive.

Hi, its been a while since you posted. Was wondering if you had much luck. I have been doing a bit of this recently.
take a look at it can understand .rt3 files.
Also, sometimes its nice to do route planning on a pc laptop, using another ECDIS system. The export is usually GPX format, Transas does not understand it.
I convert the GPX to CVT format which it does import. Longwinded process, requiring spreadsheet manipulation and a find and replace text editor but it works.


Yeah, I had some luck and posted about it there in the June 16 2012 post. I have seen that GPX format in various places, namely mapping software on my phone like Trekbuddy, OSMAND, and online

Once I got the Data Utility figured out from Windows, I was able to import and export routes no problem using a flash drive.

Spreadsheet manipulation and find/replace? Your fortitude amazes me. Thanks for the note!

I know that you posted a long time ago but thought that you might be able to tell me what you used to convert GPX to CVT? I do not see that as an option on gpsvisualizer.

Hi, its a long time ago, but this is what I remember.
I did the passage plan on OpenCPN
Exported the route as a GPX
Imported the GPX into Open Office spreadsheet
Converted the degrees from DD.mmmm to DD.MM.mmm, and massaged the data to RT3 layout.
Exported as CSV
Imported into Transas as CSV

Then I got hold of the GPS Vsualizer guy and sent him a RT3 file, and I thought he had done a converter.

Email me directly and I can help some more if you like.

Yeah, I got CSV to work after I asked the question, it drops waypoint names though… I had no idea what CVT was. but yeah CSV did work

Hi, I actually did some of these today.

GPSVISUALIZER.COM will convert gpx -> csv

Transas should import csv, but comments and names might not survive.

Can someone shoot me a RT3 file direct out of Transas, and also an exported Transas csv (cvt) file, my email is above in the thread. I will see if I can write a script or macro to do it directly without losing the names or comments, sometimes its important that the comments survive, like calling port control at a specific point, crossing national boundaries, coming up on ferry routes etc…