Small question to professionals


I’d like to ask you for small advice. I together with my classmates plan to make online service for yachtsmen and fishers – so, for people who have boats, but don’t want to buy expensive navigation equipment, ecdis and etc.

Idea is to take professional maps – C-Map or Transas – and add layers with weather conditions, alerts (like USCG or IMO), ports information and customer’s layer (where you can put info on the map for your own usage or for sharing with your friends). Also, with the application it would be possible to plan routes (manually and automatically – based on maps and weather), record routes and logbooks in the application.

The feature is that it could be run on any device – Ipad, laptop, android device – and will be replicated to online cloud, so, you can store and share your info as well as to get access from any device. So, when you sail without Internet – you work with offline data on any device, when you are connected – the application will be synchronized with web-site cloud (get new data from server and load your updates to your own cloud).

Now I’m trying to make something like marketing research and would be really appreciated for your feedback: would you use such service, if yes – which data would you like to have and how much money would you pay for such service (we are talking about subscription per month – only when you need it), if not – why? I will be grateful if you provide any comments.

All I can say is that with all the chart plotter software out there at reasonable prices it will be hard to compete with , good luck.