Towing / lic. ?'s

Hey guys!
I’ve recently passed my examination for 500 master NC with a 3000 osv. I just have a couple of ?'s

First a little background info. My vessel has a ITC tonnage of 1495
And a dual COI one side is osv (when not towing) the other is industrial tug (when towing)

From what I see I may only run the vessel as an osv?

I am currently working on submittingy toar

After I complete my toar and hold master of towing vessels will I satisfy requirements of the COI? I know this is a long shot as my lic. States 500/3000 master. Just praying for a loop hole

I just finished with the same nonsense last year. After submission if the toar i was issued " pilot of towing" .
I applied for a tug job and the company said " but it doesnt actually say 500 towing" .
I went in to the REC and amazingly enough got not just an answer but a sarcastic letter right from the commondant saying " obviously the towing endorsement applies to any tonnage for which he had quilifcations"
A convoluted way of saying the toar will fix your quandry.
Good luck

Hay hawzpiper. I had similar concerns last year. After submitting a toar for the 500 i recieved a " pilot of towing" as you will. This applies the towing endorsement to any tonnage for which you currently hold.

Soooo once I complete my toar I will be able to run a 1495 ITC towing vessel with my 500ton 3000osv master?

Is there a domestic tonnage or just ITC?

Mate/Pilot of Towing is a separate license from your 500 ton. You do not have a “500 towing”, you have a mate 500 ton and a “mate of towing”.

Thanks for clarifying. Actually I have a 1600 pilot of towing which, as you pointed out is in fact a mates ticket. Unless im reading the letter from the coastguard wrong ( and thats actually quite probable) it applies to the 500 masters also.


Thanks for clarifying.

[QUOTE=submarinedeckhand;58351]Thanks for clarifying. Actually I have a 1600 pilot of towing which, as you pointed out is in fact a mates ticket.[/QUOTE]

That is not at all what he pointed out. He said your Mate/Pilot of towing endorsement is [B]separate[/B] from your license. It is [B]not[/B] a mates ticket.

If that were true would you really have two towing licenses? One of 500 ton and one of 1600 ton? There are seperate letters after your licenses. Like: 500 gross tons. Or 1600 tons (itc). Read ALL the letters and include the complete license description here. I think you are overlooking or not realizing the importance of something here.