Toward IMO's 2050 goal

2. How has climate changed? | Australian Academy of Science.

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Ask the people living in the Arctic if global warming is in the future. They experience it every day. Whether it is man made may be disputed by a few, but agreed by many more scientists.

Armatures, naysayers and conspiracy theorists aplenty does exist though.
Most people believe more in science than guesswork and “I believe” statements from amateur scientists, whoever.

PS> Alarmism is NOT science, but scaremongery.

I’ll excuse the mangled English but not the sentiment.

Here’s a couple of references for you to ponder about the ability of your expert climate scientists to predict the future … you know, scientifically. It took a twenty second search so even you could find lots of them.

Don’t Google, they cheat. Duck Duck Go “Failed climate predictions”.

Sums it up perfectly

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consensus is not science, thats religion

Are you sure that should not be “Donald Duck & Co.”??

Oh thank you!! You are so kind and understanding.
Maybe I should start using Aussie English?

ask woolly mammoths, yes they are gone due to global warming

Eskimos have been there less then 2,000 years, they havnt experienced a weather cycle yet but perhaps are about to?

Yes, the consensus of 31000 “scientists” that signed the petition was probably based more “religion” than science.
Fair dinkum, mate??

conning someone is easy, to convince them they have been conned is hard

Hard to find any to ask. Besides I’m not sure which language to use if I should meet one.

They have been around in the Arctic for at least 18000 years and abt.1500-2000 years ago the Intuits spread across Alaska, Northern Canada and Greenland.

Over 1000 years ago Norsemen settled on Greenland in a warmer period, but they disappeared abt 700 years ago, probably due to global cooling.

So yes, they have experienced several cycles of global warming and cooling, but never as rapid as the present warming cycle.
You can ask the older Intuits and Semis if you don’t believe it.

the dinosaurs disappeared very quickly, was that a sudden climate event?

You do know that reducing pollution that has made the air cleaner has raised the plants temp.
Thats an unintended consequence.

Global warming isn’t the same as Climate change. The last can be both ways.
Particles pollution of the air isn’t the same as Climate gas pollution.

Worst case of particle pollution in recorded history was from the Krakatau eruption, causing the earth to cool for at least 4 years:

Worst predicted particle pollution would be from a nuclear war, causing an even longer cold period.

PS> The good news is; we don’t have to worry about that, because we would all be dead before the chill sets in.

An interesting article about “what happened the day Dinosaurs died”:

It was approx. 66 Million years ago, but could it happen again?
Or could mankind manage to cause their own distinction by their own stupidity and greed? It would be more slowly and painful, but still reversible.

A new wind is blowing in Washington:

It is now the 2030 goal that count:

You may ask; how many of those 200 ships will be US built, or even US flag??
Anybody want to venture a guess??

The Nordica are putting the money where their mouth is:

is it all just talk…
Germany just got fined as they never adhered to any agreement.
At least Trump told the truth, we wont meet the regs so we are out, under his watch more coal power shutdown than in Germany…lol

Did you notice the dateline on that “news”??

Now that is news!!!