IMO 2020 and the 2050 target

Maybe contrary to what many may be expecting The Shipping Association is in the forefront in demanding compliance with IMO 2020 from day one:

Some of the leading international shipping companies is a step ahead of the legal demand on carbon emission. Here is but one example:

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Since nobody else was posted in this thread yet, I take the change of reviving it.

It looks like many of these awful foreign shipowners that exploit their crew and only care about money, also care about the environment, climate change and other issues:

Sorry if I ruined another popular illusion by adding facts.

duplicate sorry

what exactly does carbon neutral mean?

The dictionary define it thus:


adjective: carbon-neutral

  1. making or resulting in no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, especially as a result of carbon offsetting.

Here is a more detailed explanation about “carbon neutrality by 2050”:–-and-how-can-we-achieve-it-2050

I bought a 2002 diesel Jetta in 2008. After much study I purchased a system to run it on vegetable oil. I start on diesel until it comes up to temperature at which time I changeover. Before shutting down I switch back to diesel to purge the fuel system. While operating on vegetable oil the car is carbon neutral.

Where do you get your vegetable oil or is it biodiesel?
You know biodiesel produces more NOX than diesel from crude but other emissions go down.
looks like it swings and roundabouts
Plant a tree and use diesel or wvo ( a renewable) and create pollution but lower co2?

seems to be a great catchy headline, everyone on the bandwagon saying they will be neutral some time in the future.
Deforestation still happening at a huge rate, what are the carbon offsets all these companies are using and why arent they carbon neutral today or next year if those offsets work?

I need to plant 6 trees a year to cover my car
According to Doria, an unleaded-fuel-powered car emits 115 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometer . An average trip of 25 kilometers a day (except during number-coding days) translates to 890 kilograms of carbon dioxide emitted to the atmosphere or 242 kilograms of carbon per year. One ton of carbon is equivalent to 3.667 tons of carbon dioxide.

Meanwhile, one hectare of forested area can absorb 15.873 tons of carbon a year. With the ideal forest density at 400 trees per hectare, the number of trees a motorist needs to plant and grow fully to offset his car’s annual carbon dioxide emission is six–every year.

how many to cover a 12 hour flight or a ship crossing an ocean?
We will need another planet just to plan the trees lol

Maybe we should Al Gore how he offsets?

When I started my brother in-law had a restaurant so I got his. (The place closed last year.) I get it from fish frys around Easter. People frying turkeys around Thanksgiving. There is a community recycling place that calls me if someone drops off used vegetable oil. I check out Craigslist…

I burn waste vegetable oil. I thought about making biodiesel but didn’t want to have the chemicals (sodium/potassium hydroxide and methanol) around the house. Plus there is the waste product glycerin that needs to be deposed of.

With regards to emissions, yes it is a trade off. Higher NOx, but zero SOx with CO2 being neutral. I do this for one significant reason…I am cheap. The waste vegetable oil cost me nothing. I do have to clean and filter it of course but that expense is minor. Since I have had the car I have driven close to 400,000 miles with the majority on wvo. The system I bought paid for itself the first year.


Denmark, or rather Danish Maritime community want to lake the lead to get shipping “carbon neutral” by 2050:

The Danish Maritime Authorities are taking the lead on several safety aspect in shipping as well.

I spent hours browsing to try to find what is actually being done and really cant find anything
Lots of headlines
Lots of pilot projects many that have stopped as funding and tax offsets have stopped
Lots of powerstations that just burn gas instead of coal or wood chips so millions of tons of trees being felled somewhere
Lots of labs trying to commercialise technology

No surprise all the headlines are now saying 2050, I’m sure it has helped the stock prices?

Stop looking at The Mail. You will not find much there that is factual. (Except maybe on Page 3)

A new study find that waiting for renewal of the fleet will not be enough for shipping to reach it’s targets in accordance with the Paris Agreement:

Does the Daily Mail have a similar bit of lascivious boldness like The Sun? I’ll have to get to the bottom of this on my next visit to the UK.

OK maybe I got the two mixed up (Tabloide both, what is the difference)

PS> It is a while since I have been in the UK, or seen the print version of either.

Sorry to say but no breasts to be found in the Sun anymore like no carbon neutral to be found
What kind of world are we leaving behind…

A guy out here collected waste cooking oil to do the same thing. When he drove past everyone wondered why they could smell KFC in a country area.

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