Toward IMO's 2050 goal

Maybe it was that blip a few months ago when the solar and wind all stopped and they had all the coal fired powerstations at 100%?

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I see the big problem is no gov has thought about the short or long term to get a plan together.
We keep just saying lng, hydrogen, fuel cell, etc etc.
The only agreement is we need to pollute less and those agreements started 50 years ago.
Lets build a ship with alternate fuel as an experiment, and thats all we do.
Without any co-ordinated policy there isnt and wont be any infrastructure to support any of the experiments and even then they are all skewed due to subsidy.

All cars could be lng for about 50% less pollution but they are not.
Even in OZ where we are drowning in lng gov regulations and taxation has just about removed it for local consumption, what a clown show.

It is so true that the late great T Boone Pickens said no western gov has an energy policy.

That still leave 50% of the pollution and more then that of GHG emission compared to gasoline powered cars.

PS> Cars are powered by CNG, not LNG.

Here is an article from VW re: gas powered cars:

the gas consumers get is different in different countries
CNG is lighter than air so used lots for cooking gas in boats and its what cars use in NZ, hard to get in OZ
LPG as used in oz and is heaver than air and its what he BBQ runs on
LNG also used in large vehicles
Propane in USA
Its all about which gases are mixed with it or removed for whatever reasons

I know the difference between CNG, LPG, LNG, Propane and Butane.
You only referred to one of these; LNG. And car, not trucks

shall I just say GAS to make you happy?

Is LNG “a step in the right direction” or “a waste of time”??:

the IMO/shipping industry has been doing a NATO for years, No Action Talk Only.
They could have converted to LNG years ago and we would have a better planet today.

Less pollution and decarbonise are 2 important things, less pollution could be done today.

I can still see them talking about fuels in 20 years time while still burning 380

Looks like we need consumers to step in, dont buy any products that get shipped by vessels that burn 380.

There is pressure to put greenies on the boards of Oil Majors yet no pressure for the customer to stop using their products, let alone alternatives.
Problem with greenies are they are usually clueless.

Lets see Singapore and Rotterdam say no 380 in 10 years time!!

It is a step in the right direction in that it is a cost competitive alternative to HFO. That there is no sulfur makes it a compliant fuel in all ECA’s around the world. Since bunkering infrastructure is beginning to catch up with demand switching to LNG (as the principle fuel) is a matter of economics in ship operation.

Yes it meets today’s requirements, but what about for 2030 ambitions and the 2050 goal? LNG is still a fossil fuel with high CO2 emission.

Ordering a LNG powered ships now for delivery in 2023/2024 MAY be OK, counting on a life span of 20+ years only.

Or it MAYBE with a hope that BioGas, or “Green LNG” will be abundant in the not too far future. (??)

Carbon catching for ships has also been mentioned as a possibility.

But what if autonomous and unmanned ships using alternative fuel(s) become a reality in the next 15-20 years??

I think what is in the back of many operators minds is whether or not these LNG ships, or more specifically the fuel systems can be adapted to other fuels whether it be ammonia, hydrogen, etc.

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thats my point, they cant decide what to so so they do nothing, just same old same old

Some may do something:

But it is not instant gratification. Developing new technology take time and 2050 is still some time away.

Including Singapore companies:

Measuring progress and grading operators MAY help:

I just released my manifesto I am going to make all aircraft carbon zero by 2050
Boeing and Airbus just made me an offer…and the Norwegian oil fund just invested all their money in my company.

its just sound bites for investors as they have no clue how they will do that.

But it is not instant gratification. Developing new technology take time and 2050 is still some time away.