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It’s just a trick to get you to do a user feedback survey anonymously. Where’s the fun in that?


It’s no trick. I just figured while your their filling out the nomination form it would be easy to do the rating stuff. I did write that the survey is optional… right?


I think CMA_Decky is stressed. Finals are right around the corner.


Gcaptain forums make such a great distraction from teaching myself spanish in two weeks. Just me being a smart ass, ignore me as usual.


¿Supo usted que Capitán Lee es un hombre alegre?


Taco, enchilada, burrito, chalupa. Frijoles con queso, burrito Mazatlan. Tortilla! Agave mui bueno, arroz con molcajetes. Salsa, Rico.


What?? You forgot the most important words of a mariner…Cervesa…Tequila !


Oh yeah. I’m still in the “onboard” mode. I’d better mix myself a drink.


Yeah apparently there’s more phrases in the language than, “Mas cerveza, por favor”


No Chiquita? you guys are gay.


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i would like upload this granny banana sing video to chief engineer pc heh.


CA…I’m glad to see you aren’t in the “OnBoard” mode any longer but just how many drinks did you mix…??


One bourbon one scotch one beer…


I should 've known you were 'bad to the bone"…