Top Contributer Contest

We are excited to announce a new contest to reward the forum members who add the most value to the coversation. This will happen in Three Phases:

Phase 1:
Category Suggestions

Phase 2:

Phase 3:
Prize Announcement and Voting

So let’s start this off: The first category will be “Best Overall Contributer”, what other categories should be included?

What forum contest, would be complete without a "Best Spellin Contributer " ? This seems to have been a topic of interest for some time…

I also see some pretty quick wit and dry humor from time to time…Maybe the class clowns don’t need to be recognized for it but I ,for one appreciate it …Makes it easier for a new guy to jump in and ask what are undoubtedly basic and sometimes silly questions…

“Most Productive Sarcasm”


Here’s an idea - some sort of company profile section. Everybody always posts info about companies (mostly down in the Gulf), and who there to talk to, whether they’re hiring or not, etc. etc. Instead of somebody saying “Anybody know anything about Company X,” they could just go to this section, see what info is there, maybe who on this blog works for them, and get some of their info from there. Then, if they have any specific questions, they would know who to ask, and not ask the basics.

Just a thought…any thoughts?

<span style="color: #0000ff]“So let’s start this off: The first category will be “Best Overall Contributer”, what other categories should be included?”</span>
<span style="color: #0000ff]“What forum contest, would be complete without a “Best Spellin Contributer " ?”</span>
<span style=“color: #0000ff]“Most Productive Sarcasm”</span>
This post is my attempt to win both the spelling and sarcasm awards… contributor is the proper spelling. <img alt=”” src=“” />
As far as a category how about something along the lines of ‘best first post’ to encourage the newbies and lurkers to contribute?

In an absolutely blatant attempt to win something, I suggest a “Most Thank You’s” category.

Ha! Finally ,someone caught that…good job captmbr…

“Member that brought the Most Members to gCaptain Forum”

I have more thank you’s than YOU!!!


So would that be a " politeness category " then? or do, thank you’s rate one, all by it’s self?

And just out of curiosity,how do you guys know, that you have more than the other or that you are tied.?..I find that very disturbing…lol…<img alt="" src=“” />

Click on the user name, grasshopper. All will be revealed…

I see… " Honorable Master "… I have much to learn…Things are not always as they appear…thank you, so much…lol…lol…

                   Now you are tied !...[img][/img][img][/img]

Gimme a thank you, Shell. Lee’s one up on me!!

Well, we can’t have that now, can we…? <img alt="" src=“” />
But don’t you think that by asking for votes, that they might think we are being like that bunch from ACORN…??? I’ld really hate to see you compared to that unscrupulous group of no accounts… " Thank you " anyway for giving me the opportunity, but I better decline…<img alt="" src=“” /><img alt="" src=“” />

Ha! JD Cavo has you both beat !..too funny…

I could really care less who has more “thank You’s”, I was just kidding. I really am happy to help anyone I can and appeciate the help I have received on this forum. I have made some pretty important career decisions with the help of information found here and I hope I can help others to make equally well informed decisions.

All in good fun from here too!

Is there any other kind?