Congrats to our contest winners!

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A big Horray goes to our top contributors contest winners:
Top overall contributor:

Who asks the questions no one else has the guts to?

Who does the most to spread the word and help build the forum community?

Capt. Lee
Who is the funny guy?

Capt. Anonymous
I just checked the stats and yesterday alone this forum recieved over 2400 pageviews. I’m constantly impressed by the quality of questions, answers, and community that has formed here. If you want to know who to thank then look no further than the nominees for these awards:
El Capitan
New 3M
Albert Pachino
Doug Pine

I’d like to thank God, my agent, my director, all the folks at craft services (you know who you are! Attaboy!), and anyone else who I may have forgotten. You like me, you really like me! I will always cling to my humble beginnings, namely religion and guns, and also that my head will not grow beyond this stage of bigness:

Cap’n A,
You’re a funny guy, like a clown. Yeah, you amuse me.

Bravo Zulu…<img alt="" src=“” />

^^^^^^HAHA - CapT_A - you are the funniest fucker on here.


Capt A.

Even though you will be awarded, the “Coveted, G Captain” T shirt for your tiredless efforts to keep this forum in stitches…A few of the guys took up a collection and got you a little something…Ya, I know,… we shouldn’t have,…But we did it anyway…!!…

I’m touched by that token of your appreciation. Sniff.