Took limited exam for 500 master will I have to retest for 1600 master

HI I recently got my 500 oceans with a master of towing and was wondering if i will have to retest. I was allowed to do a limited test since I had a master tow.Curious If and when I submit sea time on a vessel over 100t will I get a 1600 automaticly like the ones who have to do the full test for a 500.Or since I have recently got my 500 can I get a 1600 with just sea time.


What modules did you have to take?

Everyone that I know - that upgraded to 1600 ton Master via 500 ton Master did so with sea-time only.

From the current NMC [I]Guide for the Administration of Merchant Marine Deck & Engine Examinations (Deck & Engineering Guide)[/I] (no longer available on the NMC web page):

[I]Applicants holding an endorsement as NMT 500 GRT Master Oceans or Near Coastal, originally issued after 1 February 2002, may increase the scope of their license to NMT 1600 GRT by presenting evidence of the required sea time. No further testing is required.[/I]

Hi go to Crawford Natucal schools web site they have all th info on mods there. By the way what a great school.