Took 2 years off, what do I need to do to get back to work?

I am a 3AE and I took 2 years off of work to go to college (I hawsepiped, and I want to become a big boy engineer!). My SO and I have come into some hard times, and I might need to go back to work for a few months. I worked for ECO for my last 4 years before quitting. I am trying to go through and make sure I am all valid for hire. Any little help is appreciated.

My MMC is still valid.
I need a new TWIC, my last expired in 2017.
I vaguely remember a new policy of needing yearly USCG physicals. Am I accurate on that? Will I need to go get a CG physical?

Is there anything else I need before I am hirable?

We’re you ever sent a medical card? It has the expiration dates on the card for STCW and domestic medical approvals. The STCW has a 2 year expiration.

There is a checklist on NMC’s website. It doesnt get much easier than that.

I am unaware of any official checklist of what is required to legally sail.

Did you ever take the STCW gap closing classes?

Ok, the checklist doesnt exactly say that, but just bring everything on the checklist with you and your good. Not so difficult is it. Just pick an applicable one. I thought this was an experienced person, yeah?

Ooh, good point about the Medical Certificate. Tonight when I get home I will check that. I did do the gap closing, I remember that was very dramatic for the crew.

LMAO, NMC checklists… the worst. My experience with NMC checklists was pure loathing. I remember for one upgrade I had to call the NMC 3 times about their checklists…

If it is so easy, then where is the link to the checklist? What’s the point of participated on a forum when the responses get so lazy and cynical? (from a mod even)

Off the top of my head i would say TWIC, Medical Certificate (CG719K/E), and Drug Test are the prerequisites to going back to work. If the company that is willing to hire you does the drug test it is just the TWIC and Medical Certificate.

The STCW Gap closing classes really don’t come into play as a 3AE but if you took any of them, get them credited so you don’t have to retake them down the road.

That’s incorrect. At a minimum a 3AE would need to take the 1 day leadership class. Are you saying a 3AE has no need to take MEECE or ERM?

I’m trying to help you help yourself…the checklist have not been around forever. You have no place to question my level of helping others with my over a decade of doing just that on gCaptain alone. Everything that has been posted is inclusive of what’s on a license checklist on NMC’s website, and each bullet has a CFR reference. I do not see the logic in not appreciating a checklist…it has it all. I do not even know why you would call NMC about a checklist, it is what it is.
Go to NMC website, it will say checklist, pick the checklist of what license you have. All of the underlying requirements for the license is the same of what you need to ship minus any company requirements like Bosiet. There is even a seperate STCW checklist with those references and avenues as well.
Yes, you can ask here and get prodded along with hopefully accurate results (notice two members in disagreement already), but as a professional mariner and as an officer, a non-licensed position will rely upon you to coach, train, and help them with licensing at times and gCaptain has it limits, but you shouldnt.
Just by reading, I know you haven’t even looked, but do yourself a favor and you will thank yourself later.

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Thank you Capt_Phoenix, and Chief_Seadog! I found my old Med Cert, and the STCW Exp date was 4 days ago. I am assuming it is just that CG 719K process right? My next step tomorrow will probably be a double check call to the NMC.

I figure on waiting for the drug test. DOT 5’s are easy to get if a company wants to see it before signing on.

I remember taking the classes and sending in the docs for gap closing (I don’t remember which classes). I assume that is why I have 2 valid MMC’s in my possession.

“You have no place to question my level of helping others with my over a decade of doing just that on gCaptain alone.” Lul someone has an ego! Ah, I love mods… too EZ!

You know what’s easier than wading through NMC’s website and checklists? Going on a forum and asking people who can help with little to no effort. “Off the top of my head i would say TWIC, Medical Certificate (CG719K/E), and Drug Test are the prerequisites to going back to work.” Boom, that’s all I wanted. Not a wannabe sea-daddy saying “I’m trying to help you help yourself.” FO with that lazy nonsense.

THEN more sea-daddy talk! “as a professional mariner and as an officer, a non-licensed position will rely upon you to coach, train, and help them with licensing at times” LMFAO

Basically you told me to go to the NMC and figure it out myself. “There is a checklist on NMC’s website. It doesn’t get much easier than that.” I repeat myself, what is the point of getting on a forum with responses like that?

Maybe I came off wrong, but that is besides the point. Your response was less than impressive as well.

Just make sure you go on NMC’s website and use the most recent medical form since it just changed. The checklist/website will even let you know what email to submit it to. If you send to a REC, add a week or two.

And yes, you will need to do that yourself…and no, you dont need to figure it out yourself…its already figured out. You just click.

It may depend on your age and where you look for jobs and what your competition is, but having a fresh physical and drug test in hand is often an advantage, especially for a pier head jump.

You are correct. 2nd and 3rd Assistant Engineers that want to keep their Operational-level STCW Endorsement must have taken a Leadership and Teamwork course before 1/1/2017. The Leadership and Management classes do satisfy this.

ERM (and completion of shipboard assessments found in enclosure 3 of NVIC 15-14) and MEECE are management level requirements. Pertinent for Chiefs and 1AE’s as they needed to have it done by 1/1/2017. 2nds and 3rds need it if they are upgrading their STCW Endorsement to the management-level.

As far as the OP goes, he said he had taken the gap closing classes.

Since BRM is an operational level requirement I looked it up and your statement is incorrect.

46 CFR 11.329

(a) (4) Provide evidence of having satisfactorily completed approved training in the following subject areas:

(iv) Engineroom resource management (ERM).


( c) For a renewal of an STCW endorsement as OICEW to be valid on or after January 1, 2017, each candidate must provide evidence of having satisfactorily completed ERM training and meeting the standard competence in leadership and teamworking skills if not previously completed.

I stand corrected again…

I retired in 2009 and kept my creds up until my STCW certs expired. I contacted San Jac for the required courses and it came to about $13K. I refused. About 3 months later I was contacted from them with an offer to join their team of instructors. I declined.

I just wonder how much of the required courses are BS.

No need to wonder. Most of the required courses are super basic stuff geared to the dumbest of the dumb, and a complete waste of time and money for most of us.


Dude, are you for real?

Who is the lazy one here?

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