Seeking information

I was recently discharged honorably from the navy after four sucessful years. very interested in the maritime
and offshore industry. would love to make a career.I dont mind working my way up starting from the bottom. .I have a twic and avlid passport. haven’t got mmd/zcard. im seeking employment. I live in new Orleans, la
what should be my first step towards obtaining mmd? would and of my time and training from the navy count towards anything? if so how do I go about getting it accepted? also are there any companies hiring in my area?
any info would be greatly appreciated!! Anthony my email is 504-905-0388

Yes, your time at sea will be valid so long as it is within the last five years. There are a number of consultants that will help guide you along such as AndyHammond consulting. Sifting through the NMC pages for direction can be daunting. Good luck

1st step is search the forum for Knocking on Doors and the red carpet will be rolled out for you.

First step in obtaining MMD would be to go to the NMC website and download the checklist

Like posted above. Go to someone and have them do your paperwork if you were in the Deck or Navigation department. Here’s why… It’s just not worth the time to try to figure it out yourself and still mess it up. The pros will also make sure you get all your sea time AND maybe your RFPNW or RFPEW. Some folks may not like this but a pro can get your paperwork done for you to take your AB or QMED test also. With your STCW classes out of the way no reason you should get a job making around $300 a day.

Put your nose to the grindstone and knock out all the classes for 3rd Mate and you will be able to get a 3rd Mates lic. with no restrictions in 2 years. This all depends on how much sea Time they credit your Navy time of course and what ships you were actually on. Ask a pro, don’t let that Recency get out of its window. You may have to take the 500T Master and request 6,000 ITC but it doesn’t matter if you plan on working in the gulf unless your shooting for the RIGS and Drill Ships. [B]Just don’t let the opportunity slip you by from using your Military Service [/B]and Thanks for serving.

Google “USCG Marine Safety Manual Chapter 2”, there is info and a Matrix there for figuring possible seatime credit for military time. Depending on you Navy rating/watchstading experience you may-or may not get credit. The search function on this forum, when used, will reveal lots of info as you’re not the first poster to ask your same question. It’s been asked and answered many times…good luck.

Sea time is ALWAYS valid, mine was valid after 20+ years. Recent sea time w/in 5 years is required to sit for a license (as opposed to an unlicensed qualified rating). As stated above, contact a licensing specialist and gather all of your Navy records together. Visit the NMC website @ and follow the checklists for mariner credentialing. Use the search function here, too. I just went though this process and I was discharged from the Navy in 1992. I sailed on four steam ships, only one in operation today. Good luck. PM me if you like.