Too fat for lifeboats

Any similar study carried out in GoM?

The 100 kg is new to me. The last was 74kg, a ridiculous figure. In my experience offshore oil workers would never be mistaken for tax accountants or menswear salesmen.

Wait what?? I didn’t even weigh that when I was actually in shape, much less now (I think I was 16 the last time I saw the south side of 175 lbs). Though I hear that round is a shape too. :laughing:

Where did they get the idea that 74kg(163 lbs) was a good limit weight for offshore workers??

It is right in the middle of the healthy weight of a person 5 foot 10 and a half inches tall according to the BMI INDEX. For the record I weighed 85 kg at the same height when under a rigorous training regime playing rugby in the armed forces in my 20’s. Muscle weighs more than fat.

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The average American is 200kg which is why American flagged ships have very big lifeboats


200 kg is 440 lbs. Are you sure about your factoid?


Just give them an extra seat and kick off a skinny person

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whats that in stone?

11.65 stone

I think it is 200 pounds

Fat floats
Boots don’t

Really only 100kg ? doesn’t seem right

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Some years ago EU tried to set a max. BMI for seafarers on ships under member flag.
(AFAIR it was BMI 25)

That caused complains from the Danish Seamen’s Union; “In that case there will not be many Danish seafarers”

PS> I believe the limit was set at BMI 27 for Danes to secure crew availability for Danish ships

Here is the BMI Index if anybody is interested in testing their status:

FYI; I’m just over the EU limit, at BMI 25.7

BMI is at best an approximation of a healthy weight. Our national rugby team, The All Blacks are obese according to their BMI. These guys are professionals trained to play 80 minutes at a high tempo and attended to by an army of Dieticians,Sports Doctors and trainers.
I’ve had young Kiribati ordinary seamen with six pack abs join and according to their weight were overweight.


That is true for top trained active athletes, but how many of those do you find on ships and rigs?

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It’s also true for those with atypical proportions, like someone 6’3” with a 30” inseam… BMI is good for what the name says, a measure of body mass but correlating to a healthy weight is imperfect.


“Aren’t you Americans fatter than us Euros?”


This is why tugboats don’t have lifeboats, we’re all so fat that if we have to go into the water we just put our Gumby suits on and are our own lifeboat.



imagine how far out aircraft weight and balance is when they fly fat bastards?
one of my buddies said he and fellow pilots worked out LA to OZ they had 10 tonnes more on board than the rules said they had.
They worked that out by not climbing high till 10 tonnes of fuel burnt off then climbing and the performance was correct.

Flights to pacific island countries such as Samoa and Tonga have less seats than on other routes because of the average size of the population. The Royal family of Tonga were huge in stature and weight.
Queen Sālotte was in an open carriage at Queen Elizabeth’s coronation with her ambassador ( of average size ) sitting alongside her. When asked who was it sitting alongside some wit opined “that’s her lunch.
She was succeeded by her son who on a diet reduced his weight to 195 kilograms. He was about 7 foot 5 inches tall. BMI 36.86

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A lot of offshore workers in the UK have terrible diets. Their diet mostly consists of french fries, pies, pringles and haribo etc. They eat a lot of high calorie low-nutrient food. They don’t eat many vegetables or salad.

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