Too boring

Hey guys I’m new to the industry I’m currently wrapping up my 4th 2 week hitch on an inland tug as a deckhand I have my twic card.I’ve previously worked as a deckhand and Capt on commercial fishing boat for the past 15 -20 years. Im having a hard time adjusting to the slow pace . I’d like to either be captaining a vessel or doing something else that is more physical and labor intensive . I heard dredging might be up my alley. Im just trying to find out what’s out there for me. I’m getting ready to go to school for captain liscence. I have enough sea time on big enough boats to get my 200 t I love in the New England area but like traveling the tug im on now is in the mid Atlantic region doing 2 and 2 . I’m making close to 300 a day and don’t really want to go too much lower than that. I have experience running single screw fishing boats from 16’ to 43’ . I either want to be at the wheel or grinding all day or both. Any suggestions?

Become an engineer. Theres always stuff that needs to be fixed.


Try Weeks Marine.

Carver, Don Jon, Stasinos or one of the other NY companies doing stone, scrap, and spot jobs. Closer to home, probably more $, definitely plenty of physical activity.

Or Weeks like the other guy said.