Tom Brady is not taking the Pats to the dance this year

Maine’s Bob Marley; Brady “chucks the ball haaaard”

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I was on board last March when the Covid shit hit the fan. We couldn’t get off, we thought we were going to die because all the people on board. We thought our families were going to die, starve or have to use their hands to wipe their asses. It was constant dread & we were stressed to the max. I walked into the ECR & two guys from Boston & New Hampshire were sitting there with nothing but gloom on their speechless faces. I started in with a pep talk. I told them they were going to be okay. They had nothing to worry about. It wasn’t the end of the world. They’ve been through tougher shit, always made it & Belichick could do it without Tom Brady who quit a day before. I got a chuckle out of both of them. Apparently they weren’t discussing & depressed about Tom Brady at that particular moment. When they found out they were going to live they started stressing out about Tom Brady & the Pats again.

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So I wanted to see The Weekend performance at the Superbowl & turned it on with 2 mins left to play in the second quarter. Dang, those refs are hypersensitive or got money on the Bucs to win. I don’t keep up with the NFL anymore & hope that isn’t the way football is played now days.

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Super Bowl and Tom Brady’s performance led the Sports Section of New Zealand’s largest paper and for those committed couch potatoes you could watch it live on a beauty summer afternoon that happened to be a national holiday. It was Monday here.

I thought this comment was apposite.


And now all this ad naseum GOAT ATHLETE dribble. The guy plays in a sport where he has over 1500 pounds of brawn (and a little fat) protect him from getting torpedoed every play. Without excellence on the OL no QB has a chance, just ask Mahomes. The guys that catch the passes pull off astonishing acts of anti-gravity grace every game while dodging guys that are 235lbs with sub 4.5s/ 40 times. The game takes on avg 3h12m to complete but the ball is actually in play on avg 11 mins. (Broadcast replay on avg are 17mins), of which one QB is sitting on the bench all the time. Brady is a true specimen, certainly athletic as it gets, and the best QB evah. But ATHLETE, in particular, in a team sport how can it not be Gretzky. 23 untouchable records (although if Ove stays health, maybe he beats the all time points record) in a sport that requires incredible athletism, talent, and physical shape. Where the action is non-stop and top players like Gretzky prevail even without the support of team mates and win games with their individual talent. . No Team Athlete ever dominated their sport more than the Great One, not even MJ. And all this Greatest Athlete dribble doesn’t consider individual athletes like Phelps, Nadal, Serena, Vonn, Stenmark,Bolt and on and on.

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Goals maybe, not points. Ovi doesn’t do assists.

Go Yankees!