Super Bowl Madness

There was an awesome R-rated show on TV last night featuring scantily dressed hip thrusting butt shaking lap dancing stripper type sexed-up babes dancing and singing. But then the networks switched back to the rest of some hyped up football game they’d started showing earlier.


From the way it was covered here it was all about women taking their rightful place. What next? They drop the football but not the name?

Why mess with a success. What better spectacle could you dream up to reach people in 170 countries worldwide. The combination of gyrating half naked vixens simulating sex and athletic head butting gladiators risking brain injury seems to be a match made in heaven for advertisers. Murica!

There you go then, it rev’ed up the pulse rate of this septuagenarian and I didn’t have any money on the game. Rugby is the name of the game here although I did receive some personal coaching on the nuances of the NFL last year in Chicago.

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