Timing on tank cleaning

Chief Mates/Masters opinions how long it should take to tank clean, purge HC to 2% a 41343 m3 tanker with 6 segregations, doing a cold seawater wash?

You have not given enough information.

  1. What was your last 3 products and what are you washing for.
  2. what is the shape and size of tanks
  3. what is the capacity and number of tank wash machines (what type of machine)
  4. what is the capacity of IG system
    5.Are you washing through ODME or to slop tanks.
  5. How well were the tanks and pipelines stripped at Discharge port
    7.what will be the Temp of your cold water wash. (artic water or tropical) makes a huge difference

I have washed ships of this size in 12 hours or 4 weeks depending on the above factors

Cant be done like you describe. Needs ventilation as well, and you have left out a lot of needed info. You may wash the tanks, with seawater, but getting the HC below 2% must be done with blowing. OH, yeah. The present tank cargo would really be necessary to know whether a hot water wash is needed. The speed that hot water/steam will clean, with less wash water is probably more important nowadays. It is SO expensive to dispose of it, most companies will prefer to go to a tank cleaning plant, and have it done with hot water, versus doing it with cold water and paying for more disposal fees.

I have done 8 tanks (p&s) on a 39k DWT unit in either 4 to 5 days, gas free to chemist certificate safe for hot work, to the same unit, taking two weeks. different crews, (motivation levels) and last crew getting laid off, and selling the vessel!