Spectometer - washwater analyser

The most positive endorsement of this (washing water analysis) initiative has so far come from our customers, many of whom have already adopted Wash Water Analysis replacing the wall wash inspection, and in so doing, have successfully loaded and discharged significant volumes of high purity chemical cargoes.”

I first encountered this spectrometer about ten years ago. After the trial period, all our senior officers expressed a negative opinion.
However, the aggressive marketing and fraudulent advertising campaign created pressure on the market and we have now been forced to analyze and record washwater results.
Of course, this is always done after the standard tank cleaning operation is completed, only to meet the expectations of unaware and/or manipulated customers.
Briefly speaking, an ineffective and additionally burdensome procedure.

I wonder how it is possible that so many experienced(?) professionals(?) could be manipulated as a result of which this device made such a great career.