Project for School

I’m working a school project and I need some help. I tried searching online but I could not find the information that I’m looking for. So if you can answer my questions or provide a link to a site pertaining to my questions that would be great.
Here they are:
-For a large cargo ship how long does the process take to enter a dry dock and leave for barnacle removal?
-How long does barnacle removal take?(This question is intended to exclude flooding and drying of the dock)
-Whats the total cost of getting barnacles removed?
-Whats the opportunity cost of getting barnacles removed?
-How often does this process take place?(I understand that with newer paints it happens less but an average is what I’m looking for)
-How much can fuel efficiency be effected by barnacle growth?

Also on a side question that I’m curious about how long it takes to load a cargo ship up and how long it takes to load a tanker.

Thanks for your time and any help that you can give.

Sorry in advance if some of my terms are wrong.

1 week 1 day
5 days
3 years


2 days,


23 hours…

Okay thanks for the info, if anyone else has any different numbers or other information pertaining to this it would be much appreciated.