Lake Erie Black Water Pump Out Options?

Hey there, I am attached to an American Research vessel (208 ft/63m) that will be working in Lake Erie spring and summer of 2022. Most of our work will be around the Cleveland area, and we are planning to breath at the city pier and USACE pier. Main issue is, neither pier has pump out capacity for black/grey water. Area there pump out barges or resources in the Cleveland area to dispose of waste? Looking to avoid having to pump out to five 10,000 gallon trucks.

Any leads would be helpful, thank you!

We have a 2000 gallon grey water tank and vacuum trucks are what we use to pump out. Usually the same companies that service the porta Jon’s in the area.

If i am not mistaken there are other options when in Canadian waters.

I would second what @HuginnundMuninn says. Any septic system contractor or porta Jon outfit in the area has the trucks to service you. If you are not sure, ask whatever agent you use. They should know.

Awesome, thank you for the information fellas. We are are hoping to be able to pump out to a shore side sewage municipality. Our grey & black water tanks are ~50,000 gallons and are hoping to avoid having to get 4-5 10,000 gallon trucks. Additionally, we do not have an MSD onboard to treat and pump out

Typically how long does it take you to pump out the 2,000 gallons?

Maybe 10-20 minutes to pump out a 2000 gallon tank. Seems to take longer to hook up and put away the hose than to pump.