Time for new lifeboat design?

I am all for it. That Viking design with a metal sphere comes to mind.

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Not metal and not sphere shaped, but the new VIKING Norsafe Totally Enclosed Lifeboats (TELB) for vessels where deck space and weight is at a premium:

Whitaker tried with the sphere shaped Survival Capsule some years back:

Not a great success.

There is one at the Norwegian Oil Museum in Stavanger:

This one was installed in the Ekoifisk Field. (Later replaced with freefall lifeboats):

PS> I entered one during Survival training In Maasvlakte, R’dam in 1988.(in preparation for installation of the Ekofisk Barrier in 1989):

Very uncomfortable, even in calm waters. Almost impossible to control/steer.

I think he means this. VIKING Nadiro Drop-In-Ball™32