Tidewater snaps up Swire Pacific Offshore in $190m deal

It’s been an enjoyable 16 years with SPO, will have to wait and see if it will continue that way with Tidewater…

Will be interesting to see if TDW levels up or SPO levels down.

When TDW bought up Troms Offshore they left the old management in place. The operation continued from Tromsø as a separate unit from Tidewater Norway A/S in Sandnes.
From the article it does not appear that that will be the case here.

FYI: In Norway wages and conditions of employment is set by agreement between the Unions and the Employers Organisations. (In this case the Norwegian Shipowner’s Association) and not with individual companies.

Norwegian Officers and Crew will thus not be affected by change of ownership of a ship, as long as it remains owned/managed from Norway. (Even if operating in other parts of the world and under NIS, or Foreign flag)

PS>Foreign crews on Norwegian owned / NIS registered ships working overseas are covered by agreement negotiated between Norwegian Unions and their National Unions, and/or with the Owner/Manager. (ITF tariffs are a minimum).

50 boats for $190 million plus big training centre in Singapore
Why so cheap?

SPO had some great training videos and a first class simulator. My memories of TDW are coloured by Reg’s Rent-a-Wrecks out of Vung Tau.

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