Who are Tidewater's International Crews?

Ive been looking at Tidewater and they seem to have the biggest fleet around. I read they are building 50+ new boats in Singapore and other yards outside the US. Also read that 70%+ of their revenue is from their international operations.<br><br>Here is my question. With the majority of Tidewater’s work outside the US who is crewing their boats?<br><br>Is it 100% local natives, a joint venture mix, or mostly us Americans on Tidewater boats outside the US?<br>Chris<br>

I’ve worked for Tidewater - 17 years --you get a mix -at present they like most companies will take anybody. They are getting in on new builds tooo late - I would say they will cause an over built condition like they did in the 80 s. and what follows is huge layoffs–after 17 years with Titwater I got an email the day before I was to fly back-yes ,they lay you off if your boats is laid up and your home or if your not on good terms with manager or if your paid too much or with us long term was stock and retirement-so be wary with them,look around - I’m working out of Singapore based company-

Hello Oceanspat:<br><br>Thanks for the reply. So the international crews are a mix of US and local guys? That must be interesting. <br><br>When I was working for a dive company out of Morgan CIty in 1981-83 I got layed off. Then a year later the company went out of business. From that I learned to keep an eye on the stock market as a tell of things to come. A couple days ago a financial advisor I know printed a Standard &Poor’s market report on Tidewater TDW for me. It said about the same thing you just mentioned. Good call. <br><br>"… We belive that TDW merits a slight discount to peers owing to the company’s older fleet of OSVs, which although, TDW has embarked on a new build program should still be at a disadvantage as the supply of new vessels to the global fleet grows…"<br><br>Sounds like Tidewater is too little too late, no?<br><br>I was thinking that Tidewater might be a good company since they are huge, international, and been around for decades… maybe not such a good idea.<br><br>I hope sombody else can add here. <br><br>Chris<br><br>PS Does you name oceanspat have somthing to do with young oysters or Redman and Copenhagen?

Try Hornbeck- I can tell you they are the Supply Boat company of Choice. I worked for another division they still have and I can not say anything nice about that sides management, but the Supply boat side is awesome. Call Devin Branch he was to the best of my knowledge the man in charge of getting new people, and also a dang fine person from my experience.

no ,oceanspat have had that since aol started - just kept it as a username,<br> Last trip in East Coast of India, On bridge one day was having a conversation with Indian mate about Tidewater(not Good) because he was offered a position. I happened to look at a Tug near us and commented it sure looks like Gulf Battler- (1976) ,sure enough it was -Tidewater had bought from Maersk when it was already 20 years old, at about same time I was looking at ais , another old Titwater boat pops up,Rameytide- I ran that in 1986 in Nigeria- (1979) so you can see they still have a few old ones , as the boats get older they hire Philipinos,and Russians ,Croatians,Polish ,Indonesias -etc newer vessels English ,Australians -etc. A Boat is a Boat–its Management that really suck- seems they just get worse- I get a kick out of making there boats look like shit every chance I get–no love lost there. 17 years - -new company- 3 year bonus 15,000 , stay 6 years - 30,000 bonus-take that to the bank-base day rate is twice what I was making my last contract at Seacor,

<P>oceanspat - a captain on watch with me is interested in working in the south east. Would you mind dropping the names of a few good companies that he can check out? He is heading to the SE in the next 2 months and going to be knocking on some doors. Any help that I can pass on to him would be much appreciated.</P>

<P>oceanspat<br><br>Id would like a few details on those SE companies too.<br>Bob ///</P>