Tidewater Hiring Tugboat Operator - Vancouver, WA

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[B][I]Tidewater Barge Lines offers an excellent benefit package and competitive wages.[/I][/B]
Tidewater Barge Lines, headquartered in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, is the largest inland marine transportation company west of the Mississippi River. Tidewater is embarking on exciting new business opportunities which has created an opening for Boat Operators in their Marine Division!

Responsibilities include the following: conducting safe and efficient vessel operations that protect life, property and the environment; performing all assigned duties in a safe manner, in accordance with established safety rules, procedures, and guidelines. administering day to day paperwork and vessel operations including the design and layout of tows, completing all required lock paperwork, pilothouse logs, and any other required documentation for Company or external use; maintaining effective communications with deck crew via radio and with Dispatch or other Company personnel as required; operating all vessel equipment, including wheelhouse electronic equipment (such as radar, GPS, computers, etc.). Must have a basic understanding of engine room systems and operation and deck equipment (such as operation of winches and handling of wires and ropes). This position will stand watch opposite of the Captain. Must demonstrate the interpersonal skills necessary to work cooperatively with subordinate crewmembers, in close quarters, for extended periods of time, in a variety of conditions, and demonstrate leadership qualities in all circumstances. Responsible for prompt and regular attendance as scheduled. Crew personnel shall be divided into watches of six hours (6) on and six (6) hours off. Two (2) such watches shall constitute a day’s work. Watch change will take place at the top of the hour. Employees work 15 consecutive days on and 15 consecutive days off per month.

[B][I]Tidewater Barge Lines’ benefit package includes health insurance, vacation and retirement benefits.[/I][/B]

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