This Metric / Imperial map lacks resolution

Three colors don’t really give the whole picture. I think the U.S. is mixed to some degree. Canada as well:

Here’s an article about the United States with much finer resolution.

How long before we hear from Ombugge with a comment about Americans? I’m guessing within the hour.


Pakistan, Mexico, Canada and India are mentioned in the comments as being mixed.

That map reminds me of this Twitter account:

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What is meant by “you”? As in “you need to switch to metric.”?

I did switch the household indoor / outdoor thermometers to Celsius a few years ago when the kids were in high school. Did it that way for almost two winters.

In the middle of the second winter, it was maybe 5 F (-15 C) and I drove one of my kids to X-country ski practice. I was wearing a light shirt and vest and when I got out of the car the coach said I was dressed as if it was 20 degrees out. I told him it was, in the car. The coach just gave me a puzzled look. I meant Celsius and he, of course, meant Fahrenheit.

That’s when I decided to switch the house thermometers back to Fahrenheit. When in Rome…

Every government, organization, group and individual is either going to be at equilibrium or changing to reach equilibrium. If the benefits of change outweigh the costs, at the margin, there will be change, if not there won’t be.

And over 90% of the world has seen the benefits of changing to the Metric (SI) system of measurements.

Looks like young Americans are seeing the benefits as well, according to the YouGov survey you posted.

Is not about “seeing the benefits”, it’s not about the details of each system.

Every organization and individual is going to be somewhere along a spectrum, they will be at an equilibrium point. Where exactly is going to depend upon circumstance and the situation. The basic elements of the two systems are well understood.

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US telling the rest of the world?:

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The concept of “the U.S. telling the world” doesn’t make sense in this context.

The rest of the world would likely benefit if the U.S. was to convert 100% to metric but pressure from people outside is just one factor in determining where the equilibrium point is for the U.S. Outside pressure is balanced out by other factors.

When is a foot not a foot? Here’s something for you to chew on Bugg. The damn laggards have managed to develop 2 separate measurements for the lowly foot. Let’s see you match that feat (pun intended) with a meter.

Yes probably so, but the US would benefit a lot more.
No need to jugle two systems, no need to have two sets of tools, different production line and package markings for domestic and export market etc.

I do need to juggle two systems I live in the United States and worked in a 100% metric environment.

The fact that it’d be better if the U.S. changed to metric is irrelevant to me in my daily life.

That’s not possible, even if the US went fully metric tomorrow.


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I believe that many Americans are “living a 100% metric environment”, or at least those in professions were the metric system has become the accepted norm, like in science, the military etc.
There are also examples of where imperial units are used in the rest of the world. In aviation heights above ground are still in ft.
Crude Oil is priced in $$/Bbls. while bunker oil is priced per M.T. internationally.
Diesel and Gasoline are priced per ltr. at the pump but in M.T. in bulk in most of the world, incl. UK.

In the drilling industry it is a mix of metric and USCU, causing a lot of confusion.
I remember on a Maersk rig working in Australis where the official figures were in metric.
But the rig was working for a US operator and the Companyman insisted on having the drilling rate per hr. in USCU. They had a measuring stick that was marked in meters divided in inches, The Companyman reported progress to the office in meters and inches.

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It is what it is. Everyone plays the hand they got dealt. There’s a Wikipedia article here:

Anyone that wishes to influence the situation is free to petition whomever they think might help their cause. For me personally it’s not that urgent an issue.

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