Ocean waters not mixing

Ocean waters not mixing. Ignore the landlubber crap that this is a mid ocean thing.

Oh no, not again,

“This is the Fraser River Delta just in front of Vancouver BC Canada, this is where sea water meets fresh water.”

I see on YouTube the same video but with this explanation.

The river water (Fraser River) flows into the ocean water (Strait of Georgia): a short video clip shot from the BC Ferries boat from Nanaimo, Vancouver Island (Duke Point) to Vancouver (Tsawwassen). Please share only or comment but do not upload and use without consent from me or due credit, and do not give fake information about the video. I have registered the original video in my computer for copyright Thank you!

[quote=“Kennebec_Captain, post:3, topic:55896”] I have registered the original video in my computer for copyright

Is it better to take it down?

Seems like that horse is all ready out of the barn, too late to close the door. Might as well leave it up.

Horse out of the barn - nice expression, so you learn everyday. Yes, I looked around on the internet and it is everywhere, also other versions.

In the case of the internet I guess it’s actually a copy of the horse that got out.


And once the (copy of) the horse gets out, you can’t close the door even if you wanted to (EU "right to be forgotten laws notwithstanding)

If people would just take 30 seconds to research unattributed claims and graphics that are described in a (to be kind) ambiguous manner we might have a lot less of the “fake news” that a segment of society seems to thrive on and disseminate.

I wish it were hard to believe anyone would post the “very rare view” video without comment or question the claim of it being viewed “mid ocean” where the Atlantic and Pacific meet with mountains in the background of a pair of little outboard fishing boats.

Geesh …


Pacific is blue, Altantic Green anyway, they never mixed