Not weather

Not weather, but anybody familiar with this GoA phenomenon?:

That is not a GOA phenomenon only, the same phenomenon occurs regularly in the GOM.

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It is happening all over the world where major rivers enter open ocean, specially after heavy rain and/or snow melt.

The special here is that it is said to be “two oceans meeting” that cause the distinct separation. I have never seen that and wondered if this happened in GoA.(??)

PS> I don’t know which two oceans meet in GoA (??)

On the north coast of New Guinea, where the Sepik River hit the Pacific Ocean this is a common sight:

Fresh/Saline water interface in the sea 80 km from the Sepik River Mouth

I remember one time seeing a large floating island with trees on it way out to sea.
It took a while to realize what it was. When we did we went close to make sure there wasn’t any huts and people on it.

PS> to see smaller floating island were not uncommon off East Sepik, but without standing trees on them.

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muddy water floats over the salt, common in most rivers

Yes everybody agree on that, but this is supposedly “two oceans meeting”, not river water meeting seawater:

Which two oceans meet in GoA ??

PS> One "ocean appears to be VERY muddy.

same physics, its water density.

This is the freedom of the poet!

Looking at the mountains in the background, this must be during high summer time.
The run-off water of the glaciers is very milky (or white coffee, we say glacier milk), charged with finely grinded rock particles. Hence, a cold and heavy fresh water mix.

To allow sinking below the warmer seawater, there must be the necessary depth to go. Probably, this is just where the depth becomes great enough.

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