Heavy Pacific Weather

A very large, complex and slow moving storm system continues to prevail over the central North Pacific and is causing gale to storm force winds and very heavy sea/swell conditions over large portions of the North Pacific ocean between 25N and 60N latitudes and 165E to 150W longitude and is expected to continue for at least another 48-72hours.


[URL=http://www.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/shtml/P_48hrbw.gif" target="_blank]48 Hour Forecast

[URL=http://www.oceanweatherservices.com/" target="_blank]Ocean Weather Services](http://www.opc.ncep.noaa.gov/shtml/P_sfc_full_ocean.gif " target="_blank)

Surfs up dude !
A big wave surfing compitition was held at Lincoln City, OR yesterday (N45). Big name surfers from around the world flew in for the rollers.


Bob, I think the surf will be way up on the north coast of Hawaii very soon.

Be safe guys that have to be out there in it…

I’ve sailed alot of years in the NPac but never once saw a system so far across although I have seen lower pressure (948mb once in the late 80’s at Dutch Harbor which ripped roofs off of buildings all over town and pulled bollards off of docks!)
Sure am glad to be in the GoM these daze…a strong winter cold front here is a spring breeze there!

Hey Knotship:
We were at the same place at the same time… Argg! I think it was JV pollock. So tell me about your name. I use to see the Yard Knot sitting next to the Ballard bridge. Any realtion?

To Knotship

With a very large and slow moving system like the current one, the best route from the USWC to the Far East may be a GC via just south of the Aleutians or via the Bering Sea to a least avoid most of the head weather.

To FredWx: I personally prefer the wait at the dock and sit in the bar watching the Weather Channel route<img alt="" src=“http://gcaptain.com/maritime/forum/js/FCKeditor/editor/images/smiley/msn/wink_smile.gif” />
To Bob: Sailed as master of a couple of Snotship fish processors along the way but luckily never the Yardarm Slab! Now there was an unseaworthy piece of shyte which thank God was put out of our misery about 6 years ago.
If you want to relieve bad Bering Sea Nam flashbacks email me at vessel_resources@yahoo.com. I’d be interested where we have crossed paths up north such as the ElbowRoom.

I think Ill pass on the flashbacks. Once was enough thankyou. I think I ended up with about 500 days up there. Enough to know it gets very-very dark. I tryed my best to stay out ot the Elbow Room. I usually got a pint at the store and took a hike up some hill and decompressed. Great views. Great company. Then Id usually stumble down the hill in search of food.
I heard Dutch has a paved road now?
Hope this finds you in a warm place. Merry Christmas.

In my Dutch Harbor dazes I preferred to go to the Unisea inn to have a meal and a couple of cold beers. Working for Unisea at the time name the trip back to the ship much shorter and in January, even that short walk was a long one. I don’t know if it has been reopened, but the Elbow Room actually was closed in 2005.
Anyway, DH has changed dramatically in the past 15 years. Today they have the Grand Aleutian Hotel, a post office, a new AC store, a supermarket and a paved road from the bridge to the airport.
<img height=“234” alt=“is this the view you remember?” width=“650” align=“bottom” src=“http://unalaska-ak.us/vertical/Sites/{0227B6A7-A82F-4BFC-9D02-A4B2D3A8BC35}/uploads/{8EC7D569-AFF2-4290-BFD3-AB3157F3F83B}.JPG” />
Dutch on a rare sunny day

Just sat through a pretty interesting presentation from a meteorologist from NOAA on some of the new things they are doing for marine forecasts. They highlight for me was that it issued shorter, making it easier to get. You can even have it sent to your phone or PDA. Lot’s of information to be found NOAA’s website.