HOLY SHYTE BATMAN!...one place I don't plan to be taking the ORCA anytime soon!

Eeeewwwww! YUCK! I think I might hurl watching this!

Classic Video: Fishing Boats Battle Grey River Bar During Flood

By Mike Schuler On November 19, 2013


Here’s a classic video showing fishing boats attempting to cross the Grey River bar during an epic flood. The bar, which located near the city of Greymouth on the northwest coast of New Zealand’s South Island, is notoriously dangerous during flood stages such as this, particularly for those fishing vessels forced to battle the white water in order to reach Greymouth’s port.

No word on if these guys eventually made it across.

wonder if there any similar vidz of boats crossing the bars going into the Oregon Coast rivers?

actually found another vid of the same two boats telling the end of the story



Been there, done that.

Mouth of the Connecticut River. Flood tide meets 25 knot wind driven chop in a 23’ I/O. Best guess is I was greeted with 9’ chop.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever survived to 20.

Buzzards bay from mass maritime (codfish college) to hog island 1+2? Howling southwest with a ripping ebb! Decks awash for no reason.

We actually planned our return to Newport to avoid the “dreaded” Yaquina bay tide and come in on the slack, of course watching us moor anywhere is great entertainment, so it made no difference.

Bloody Kiwis! Hats off to ya!.. Guessen’ there were a few 'ands in the chilly bin after that one…

Big brass monkey balls!

wonder if there any similar vidz of boats crossing the bars going into the Oregon Coast rivers?[/QUOTE]

this is taken at the noyo river entrance in fort bragg, ca

wa., ore., and california bar crossings are closed by the coast guard during rough conditions…sometimes the warnings aren’t enough.

I’m sorry if I said BARF before


I clearly meant to say [B]BARF![/B]