What is stopping you? Metric, again

Simple solution: Join the rest of the world and use the metric system.
What can go wrong? Everybody on the same page. No confusion, no math and no need to convert anything. What is stopping you?

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dead horse


Or set the display to feet or set the shallow color correctly or remember a meter is about a yard or just not be a dumbass and pay attention or probably a few more I missed.

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What’s stopping? US high school education. Or rather lack of it


No, not a dead horse, a VERY relevant and up to date question
It is simple, practical and used by the rest of the world.

A meter is 100 Cm. or 1000 mm. The other way it is 0.001 km., or 0.6213711922 of a US Mile.(1km=3/5 of a Mile if you prefer fractions)

Even the “US founding Fathers” realized that decimals were a lot easier than fractions, thus $1=100 cents. That was in 1792. Maybe time to follow their lead on this as well?

Source: History Of The Metric System | Metric Metal

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All compasses should change to radians…lol
Then we can convert to metric time




Moon ownership.


All DP and I assume other pieces of tech actually use radians but thats hidden from the operator
Thanks to India we have a zero and with 1 so all IT is metric but not

Yeah you’ve made all those points here like five times before. No one is going to debate you on the merits, we’re also not gonna go lobby our congressmen, we just don’t give a shit. Waste your breathe, flog that deceased pony, post more links and sources and passionate screeds, maybe someday you’ll convince someone. Then again maybe not.


part metric and part imperial is perfect as many things in metric are a fudge to fit the system
Or the numbers are not for daily use as too small or too big


This topic has come up many times. My question is who is the ‘you’ in the 'What’s stopping you?" Who do you think is reading this thread that has to power to switch?

@Uncle_Sam giving @ombugge’s posts careful consideration.

I actually made the switch a few years ago and it didn’t work out so I switched back. Posted about it last time this was discussed.


Likely it’ll be at least another decade or two before metric becomes official in the U.S.


I grew up with both so it easy till you get to the part where they cant decide which metric units to use in several areas

did overuse of the metric system cause this?
Looks like he moved to an imperial country to operate, pardon the pun

I’m not certified to weld new draft marks on the bow and stern. American flagged, foreign built ships that were strapped in metric, we used metric, it was heavenly. It makes sense. Even started to visualize what a meter looks like. Please tell someone to make our ships metric. Topping of tanks with fractions is the silliest thing in the world when we could be using decimals that make sense.

This isnt actually an option on an ECDIS. ENCs are metric and that is that, you can change everything else to feet, except for soundings ans contours. If you know about a secret setting I’ve never been able to find, nor has anyone on any of the other ships ive been on, let me know. Instead I have had to look at the “depth in meters” warning on every ships where they cant figure out what it means if their XTD is 50 meters.

The radian, denoted by the symbol rad, is the unit of angle in the International System of Units (SI) and is the standard unit of angular measure used in many areas of mathematics.

Maybe get used to the 24-hr. clock first. With the now commonly used digital watches it is little use for “AM or PM”. That has caused enough confusion over the years.
PS> Holliwood can still use; “Enemy at 9 o’clock” (w/o AM/PM) for dramatic effect.

“Metric time” has not caught on for some reason, although the concept was first proposed in the late 18th century (during the French Revolution) as part of the broader metric system of measurement.

Being a computer wizzard I presume you are familiar with Unix time?:

Source: Time conversion

Make your pick, but I stick to the 24-hr. clock as the most convenient way of counting time for everyday use. (Less confusion is a bonus)

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The typical green third mate using an ECDIS is likely navigating in a virtual world anyway. As long as they understand the draft is x units and depths less than x are dark blue they are set.

Eventually with use of any system becomes more intuitive.

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99% of the world has been convinced already, incl. many in the US.

Given how easy conversions are nowadays this conversation is even dumber than it used to be.