This may tug at your heart strings/

It did mine - and yours too, c. captain if you watch it to the end.

Indeed sir…this year was marked with a very sad farewell for me.

The man Ernst Borgnine might have departed this life, but Lcdr. Quinton McHale USNR will live forever

don’t know why, but I feel like I lost a really cool granddad when Ernie left us…

You are not alone, c.captain. Ernst was a Shriner and very active with Children Hospitals across the Nation. I know several local Shriners who met him when he was in Missoula for a Shrine function. I was told his congenial and happy personality was very genuine, that he thought of himself as just another guy trying his best to help out. Yes, he will be missed by all who knew him or of him, including me. They don’t make many men like him.