This Is The Shadowy Special Operations Mothership You've Never Heard Of - Carolyn Chouest

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Merchant Marines… ;-/

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Hilarious. Chouest contracted super secret modfied supply boat?

There was another OSV before which was outfitted as a Navy Seal base in search for Abu Sayyaf in the early 2000’s. I guess the Navy likes these modified platforms. Their existance is pretty well known. The exact operations and missions sets are not.

But, it is good to see the Aiviq’s Captain during better days in the video.

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Chouest had/have their hands in a little bit of everything. No complaints here. They just didn’t pay enough to leave a better job at the time. Gary was a bit smarter than some/not all of the other operators.

Here is another Special Operations ship, MV Ocean Trader:


Any idea who owns Ocean Trader?

I worked on her when she was new. I was on the mission to the Britannic which was a fun trip.
Nice clean comfortable ship, rode well, plenty of water. Very good food. I remember watching a lot of VHS movies on board. The sub had their movies on 8mm presumably to save space.

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She is the former Maersk ship Craigside.

She’s still owned by Maersk, not sure which division. Crewed by AMO.

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Tidewater have a wholly owned subsidiary that charters boats outside of the USA but seems to always be 100% Americans on board… They have an office in Singapore