Wow, Tote gets training ship contract

Somebody at MARAD should have read the El Faro testimony pertaining to these guys skills at ship management before making this award.


Seriously. TOTE? For fucks sake.

Does a former training ship captain still work for them?

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He does.

I suppose you would have Crowley and Pasha as the other options for companies with recent experience building a commercial style vessel in the US. Maybe it just came down to TOTE’s experience with NASSCO. (This pork pie is being built in San Diego right?). But probably not.

How many mariners have died on vessels owned or operated by Crowley or Pasha in the last 10 years?

I don’t disagree with you, but we are talking about construction management here and as far as the government is concerned, they built two LNG capable container ships at the same yard this thing is going to be built. None of their competitors can say that is all that I’m saying.

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Matson has been building too. Did Chouest ever build anything this size in the States? I know they’d planned to before the bust.

Matson built in Philadelphia though I think they did some conversion work in San Diego. I know nothing about Chouest’s build program.

Just playing devils advocate here guys.

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Matson can.

And as a bonus, they have managed to operate/maintain their steamships without them sinking with all hands.


I stand corrected

I would puke if Chouest or anyone else in the GOM builts those ships. If they even have the capability here in the states.

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While I understand the sentiment, we’re discussing the company that’s overseeing the building, not the one doing the building.

Luckily I don’t think any of Chouest’s yards are capable of building anything this big m


  • Four graving drydocks serving ships up to 150,000 DWT and 907 feet in length
  • 650-ton crane capacity
  • 34-ft. deep drydock channel

Of course, having the facility to get it done and having the expertise and experience to get it done might be two different things. Either way, glad to see it will be built in a US yard.

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I’m impressed. I didn’t realize Tampa Ship had that capacity.

Seacor could have overseen the building also, they recently built 2 tankers at NASSCO.
Just saying there are OSV operators that do know a thing or two outside of OSV’s.

FFS, really?

Actually if the truth be told, the root cause of the El Faro disaster was the hubris engendered by the Jones Act.

Please do elaborate…perhaps on a new thread as your post has absolutely nothing to do with this thread. But yeah, please create a new thread telling us all how the Jones Act is bad. Make your case here on a forum filled to the brim with people who would lose their jobs, their livelihood, their very identity if the Jones Act were overturned. Convince us all how it’s actually a good thing to bring in 3rd world labor with the wages and standards that come along with that. We’re all ears.


And yet by some strange miracle it is rare when an inspected U.S. ship is lost, to be clear one is to many, but world wide about two dozen ships are lost per year, while U.S. flag ships have suffered less than 20 major casualties in the last 50 years (counting military, those damaged or destroyed during the tanker wars in the gulf, the Exon Valdez the surf city and factory trawlers)