This is Singapore


Singapore tops the list of “safest country for solo travellers”, with Norway in 2nd place:
Not bad for my two “home countries”.:wink:




I though you could claim two “home countries” as well?? (Even bilingualism)


Why is Singapore so rich???
Here is one opinion on why:

Actually the short answer is very simple; stability, good governance and very low corruption.
Of course there are a lot of things that is behind these three main reasons, but that all follows from the above; Rule of Law, high standard in education, health care and social cohesion.
Other factors are; low crime and racial harmony.
None of this come by itself, nor was it inherited from the former colonial Master, Britain. (Except English Common Law and Westminster System of Government)


If residencies in excess of one year qualify as home countries, I can claim 4 and a handful of others consisting of several months. In languages, quadrilinguist as well as cunnilinguist when the occasion presents itself.


Maybe 49 years qualify?? At least I feel like Singapore is my second home country.
(Feels more like “home” than Norway actually)
Quadriliguist that is impressive!!! May I ask which four languages those are??


See PM.