This is Singapore


the good old days when everyone had a smile on their face in the streets


If you want to taste authentic Singapore food when you visit next, here is a guide that may be helpful:


This month it is 50 years since the “Keep Singapore CLEAN” campaign was launched:

It is amazing how time flies when you are having fun.

I can remember Singapore in the days when you could smell it before you could see it when arriving by sea and Singapore River was busy, but a lifeless smelly soup of anything unmentionable.
Today it is a fresh water reservoir teeming with fish and home to several families of sea otters.

One anecdote from the early days of the cleanup; at Boat Quay there was a VERY smelly pissoir on the bank of the river. As the story goes, one man that couldn’t hold it until it was his turn took a piss directly into the river just beside the pissoir got fined for polluting the river. The fun part was that the pissoir hadn’t yet been connected to the sewage system but drained directly to the river.

Ohh the good ol’ days!!!


The railway tracks from Tg. Pagar station to the causeway was removed shortly after rail service ended on this stretch on 01. July, 2011 and nature was allowed to reclaim the vacated corridor.
But that is not enough. To speed up the process, nature are given some help: