This is Singapore


The new list of Michelin Star restaurants and eateries in Singapore is out:

The same two Hawker stalls are still on the list.


Singapore is 53 years old as an independent nation today:

Majulah Singapura!!!:


Singapore National day in pictures:

Firework video:


I had spend out few days at Singapore, where we had enjoyed a lot.


If I haven’t said it before I’ll repeat it now; Singapore is more than Orchard Road and shopping:


A milestone event; Singapore has 200 km. of covered walkways to protect people from the sun and rain:

No hardship allowed in modern day Singapore.


sure there is, another change of the rules and I can only do 10kph on a bicycle when on the footpath, same rules for all that other motorized stuff they allow on the footpath.
I can see compulsory GPS on my bike so I can get fined as I ride…


Oh the horror!! How can you live in a place like that??
Do you get a hardship bonus??


Is Singapore an almost perfect country??:

Well it has the advantage of being small with no large hinterland to worry about. No need to build roads and other infrastructure to remove towns and villages.
But that is also a problem. No natural resources and hardly any agricultural land or fishing grounds. Everything as to be imported, incl. water.
Yet it has become a developed country and one of the richest countries (in terms of GDP per capita) with one of the largest sovereign fund in the world. Impressed??
​​​​​​​But perfect??? No, no country is perfect, or without problems.

PS> Can’t wait to see the negative comments!!!


all taxes going up was the other news…
lots of companies leaving due to high costs
total resident population has been dropping for the last 3 years
rents falling
very difficult to get a work permit
Australia has basically no sovereign wealth fund yet has the 3rd/4th largest pension pot on the planet and national health care
Loyang offshore base is a ghost town
you decide


The pub timber tops?? Must not be doing well. It’s years since I was last at Loyang.


Do you mean “Hill Tops”?? Situated in a black and white bungalow on top of a hill obviously.
Gone, including even the hill and just about everything from the original British Naval station for Coastal Patrol.


Taxes are still low compared to most developed countries.

Always some moving out, others moving in. In the 1980’s they paid labour intensive industry to move out to free up space and workers for higher value added activity.

Population has grown steadily from 1960, even when there was an attempt to reduce the growth by the “two is enough” policy. (Look it up)
The growth rate has dropped though:

Work permit for foreign labourers are issued based on demand, but reduced due to automation and slower industrial growth. Employment Pass and Permanent Residency limited due to popular resistance (Coffeeshop Talk and on Social media) just like in other developed countries.

PS>Australia is doing good economically. I can recommend a move back there.
Port Douglas is a friendly place with good climate and excellent sailing conditions.


Hill tops yes. My recollections are a little fuzzy, must have been something in the water.


Singapore is bucking the trend again; not driving or owning a car to become fashionable and making plans for future transport need for 2040 is not common anywhere else, I believe:

PS> I never thought of myself as “fashionable”, but I haven’t owned a car since 1994. No need for one in Singapore, even then.