This is Singapore


Uber is just a transfer pricing tax avoiding organization, good riddance.

Cant wait to see what happens to all the leased cars…
Gov made billions in import duty to expand the business way past where it was sustainable then??


cant have a toy gun either, which is a good thing.


The first operational autonomous bus in regular service will be operating in Singapore next year:

It will be on a short run and within the perimeters of Nanyang Technological University, but it is a sign of what to come.


The Bird whisperer of Jurong Bird Park:


Singapore politics may be boring, but it is well planned and not based on infighting, insults and lies.

Transition to a new Prime Minister has been a hot button discussion point for a couple of years already and several potential candidates have been identified by the media, but not acknowledged by the PM, or by PAP.

It is not likely to take place for some years yet, but in Singapore they like to be well prepared for any eventualities:


This current PM will be remembered for…


Fo being the best prepared PM possible when he took office.
He grew up with politics all around him at the time when his Father was fighting to build a viable nation out of an island with no hinterland, no natural resources and few friends.

Before he became PM he had 13 years as Deputy PM under Goh Chok Tong, while serving in several heavy Ministries.

He has also reformed the way Singapore are being governed. Maybe not noticeable to casual observers, or to those with a bias towards Asia, Asians and anything different from what they perceive as “the only way”.

Changi Airport are still there and still the best in the world.


yes certainly best prepared but my question still stands
The fiasco re transport: taxi/electric cars/electric scooters/pay as you go cycles has got the population wondering how good the government decision making is these days.
Gov has repeatedly told everyone all taxes need to go up.
Another army general has taking over the SMRT ( getting a reputation as the most unreliable in asia )as the last one has fallen on a sword due to repeated breakdowns


A US Navy Sailor has been reported missing in Singapore:


he is in trouble…vaping is illegal in SIngapore


No vaping. Singapore sounds nice to me.


Singapore has been piped as the having the world’s most “valuable” passport:


Trump - Kim-chi Nasi Lemak anyone??:

​​​​​​​FYI; Nasi Lemak is Singapore’s national dish, consisting of coconut rice and some deep fried items like chicken wings, small whole fish or similar and always served with Indian pickled vegetables, called achar
What about Trumpo Cheeseburger, Rocketman Taco, or Bromance cocktail?

There are more sumit themed food and drinks to be had around town. Here is name and addresses:

May The Force be with them and peace prevail in their deliberations.


If you cannot get close to the real thing, here is next best thing:


This years ranking of Airlines and Airports by AirHelp is out:

NOTE: Singapore Airline have been demoted to 4th place and Changi Airport is in 5th place on this ranking. (Both are Number One on some other other rankings)

PS> For those who doesn’t know their rights as passengers, or of AirHelp and it’s services, here is a link to their website (w/the full ranking lists):


another one broken down…

I did a 3hr in Houston once trying to get home and they refused to say what the issue was.


“Where is Singapore?” was among the most used search words on the days of the Trump-Kim summit,specially in the US:

“The Little Red Dot” has finally become known???
​​​​​​​Maybe now more people will know that Singapore is NOT part of Malaysia (any more).


The Singapore Food Festival is on again for the 25th time this July:

Both traditional dishes and the popular fusion food trend will be represented,as well as beer and yoga.


High season for durians in Malaysia, but RM 1.- ea. is unbelievably cheap, even if this is the smallest of the Kampong variety:

The cost of durian in Singapore is nowhere near as cheap, even in high season:


Singapore will celebrate 53 years as an independent nation this 9th of August.
In that connection a special National Geographic limited edition has been prepared for free distribution in Singapore:

Here is a link to a NG website about this special edition:

The from PM Lee Hsien Loong on his Facebook page:
With plenty of comments and well wishes.