This is both sad and surreal

the photos are truly haunting

[B]USCG Identifies Sunken Vessel Missing Since 1972[/B]

By MarEx March 25, 2013

The Coast Guard has identified a sunken fishing vessel missing since 1972.

The Schmidt Ocean Institute research vessel Falkor in concert with Bureau of Ocean Energy Management found an unknown sonar target object December 2012.

The research vessel sent a remote operating vehicle to investigate. Katmai was discovered in 8,920 feet of water approximately 200 miles offshore. After receiving data of the discovery from BOEM, the U.S. Coast Guard Investigations National Center of Expertise initiated a cold case investigation.

Oskar Joos, his wife, eight-year-old child and deckhand Clinton Hollevoet departed Mobile for Anchorage, Alaska on the fishing vessel Katmai Feb. 18, 1972. Katmai was constructed by Bender Ship Building for Joos in 1972.

The INCOE discovered as part of its investigation that the vessel never arrived at its destination, and was presumed to have sunk in the Gulf of Mexico.

Sector Mobile investigators located and contacted the surviving family of Hollevoet and Joos and helped bring closure to the loss of their family member.

what the hell happened to cause her to go down with all souls aboard like that?

From the limited images, it doesn’t look like she got hit…

Surreal is right. Seems lightly crewed. How large is that vessel?

Appears to be fairly intact - especially after a 1.5 mile trip to the bottom. Foundered in a storm? Engine Failure? No mention of a distress call ever going out. In 1972 I think the boats were using HF AM radio’s which should have reached the main land or other vessels.

Rest in peace.

Haunting images.

Surprised by lack of sea life and how fresh the paint looks. Appears to have gone down 40 weeks ago, not 40 years.

Wonder if there will be any further investigation or if this will just close the case?

edit - reread the article. The ship was constructed in 1972 and it left for Anchorage Feb 18 1972. That had to be a maiden voyage.

it certainly appears to have been similar to a shimpboat hull so perhaps 80-90’ long and not a crabber with that stern. With a lack of funding, I doubt the USCG will go back for a detailed investigation to examine the hull for why she went down but I wish they would.

I am just sorry such a young boy had to die at sea like that…