This cajaya business is way out of hand


Well, I"ve been on a one hit wonder hits of the 70’s kick (although War does not fit in to that category at all - it was just appropriate for this morning I think). If you get on that kick though, do yourself a favor and start with the Guardians of the Galaxy Soundtracks stat. Many ear worms there.


Pictures or it didn’t happen!




Time to close this thread.


WTF??? It’s like we stumbled upon Real Housewives of the Maritime World.


Wholeheartedly agree.


I step away for two measly years, and this is what I find…


WTF is going on here.
And I thought sorting out personal issues online was a thing that you do as a 14 year old on MySpace. Take it private, nobody gives a damn


Did Captain Caveman get caught with the Teen Angels?


Paging Dr. Anonymous, paging Dr. Anonymous… Acute couples therapy situation. Code blue STAT.


I don’t know, seems like 80/20 is about right. 85/15 is really pushing it.


I don’t know man. Sounds like a raging bitch. That or you’re both in the age group of 14-20


This is a public forum. It’s year 2018. Pick up a phone. Call, text. Skype? Messenger. Fuck, even e-mail.


Hmmmmm? The plot thickens!


I suggest that you use your supermoderator powers and close this thread.

This is not the right place for a marital spat. The last thing we need is to revive a two year old thread about that battery girl and encourage her to start posting again.