The Wire - Season 2 - The Docks

If anyone is looking to waste a few days of their lives… Amazon has The Wire box set on sale for 64% off.

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BE sure to see Season 2 which is all about longshoreman unions and the Port Of Baltimore.
Free christmas shipping:

Should be “DOCKS”.

This is my favorite television show of all times, and in my opinion the best written and true to life police show ever aired. Season two on the docks was my favorite season. I own the first four seasons, and hoping the fifth ends up in my stocking on christmas morning. I always bring these to work with me, and I’ve never loaned season one to someone who hasn’t come back asking for the next season.

I must have been sleeping, I’ve never even heard of this show! Sounds like a winner. Now that Entourage is over for the season I’ll have to check it out, before Flight of the Conchords starts up again in a couple of weeks.

Just be carefull, I watched Season one in one sitting (minus the drive to blockbuster)… 2 days of my life I’m never getting back. By season 2 I figured out that you need to turn it off mid-episode as each ends with a cliffhanger.

Stopping half way into each episode would be the smart thing to do… The show is more addictive than the drugs it’s about. I watched the entire series in 2 mo. time. 60 hrs. total.