The Technology of Team Navigation - Hutchins

I first encountered this document about 15 years ago.

It’s very similar to a chapter in the book “Cognition in the Wild”

Instead of using the “digital-to-analog” metaphor which was discussed in this thread there’s a section called "Propagation of Representational State Across External Media".

It’s based on the exact same example, the piloting of a Navy ship by a navigation team but using more technical terms instead of the metaphor.

Excellent article, and it clearly explains the way I saw it done on the bridges of USN ships from 1972 through 1987.

It doesn’t mention, however, that another team in CIC is doing radar plotting of position at the same time, both for comparison and immediate back-up if visibility should suddenly decrease and impede the visual bearing team.

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Yes, it’s not mentioned in that article but CIC is described and then mentioned several times in the book Cognition in the Wild.

The paper in the OP is very similar to a single chapter in the book.