The Salty Man

Hi All,

This is my first visit to the forum , hello to all and a happy new year
I’v e recently written a poem about an old sea captain
its titled "the salty man"
and the you tibe link is just below

Hope you enjoy

All The Best from Dublin


Pat, welcome aboard…I thoroughly enjoyed your poem, a tribute, to the Captains, that came before us…

As a distant son of the Emerld isle, my people came from County Clare, I have been hoping to talk to someone from there…Are you in the maritime industry?

Hi Shellback

Thank you for the response to my poem, glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately I’m not attached in any way to the maratime industry,as a matter of fact I would make the world’s worst sailor. I spent 2 and a half hours being seasick on trip back from the Isle of Man to Dublin which was back then about the amount of time the journey took…but i do love things of the sea and harbours in particular. I got the idea for the poem from a memory of an old chap who lived in the port city of Waterford backin the 1970s and he was nicklnamed the captain…Though I just wrote the poem two weeks ago or there abouts. I am musician by trade though partially retired now ,yet still gigging for my sins.

I have been to Clare many times and it is in a very picturesque part of the country on the west coast, it has what are reputed to be the highest cliffs in Europe. Thanks once again for your reply to my post and if ever you make it over this way we will share a few pints .

All The Best


I really enjoyed your poem because before I started working on the water I would go down to the harbor and watch the ships,tugs come and go and say to myself someday that wil be me coming and going on those vessels.