The Merchant Marine Is Of Critical Importance Says US SECDEF Mattis At Kings Point Graduation

CEASE! this is taking the tread off the tracks

that goes for you too Senor Bugge!


I am sorry but I refuse to throw the shipbuilders under a bus…they are a part of the industry and need the contracts to build these ships. plus they can expand their facilities to produce more ships per year. I am thinking two yards building these (likely NASSCO and AKER) each delivering two annually.

although I will say much more bang for a buck if we just expand the MSP and use only US flagged ships for any DoD cargo. The build/charter option would only come after the first two where implemented

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I didn’t say anything about the nationality of the crew having anything to do with the incident. I was just pointing out that almost the entire crew of a Norwegian registered ship is Filipino. I’m wondering why you think this is a good option for the US? Almost the entire ship has been outsourced including nearly all of the officers! What a joke! This is why many of us on here think you should keep your comments about OUR Merchant Marine to yourself. We don’t want to end up like you.


Two yard x two ships/yr. = 4 ships/yr
Replacing the 60 mostly foreign built ships in the MSP fleet:
with new US built vessels will thus take; 60/4 = 15 yrs.

That does not increase the fleet and the need for US Mariners though.

US Owners control the 5th largest fleet in the world and nearly ALL FOC registered. There are hardly ANY American mariners serving in that fleet.

The European way of a second register may sound stupid to you and many others here, but it keeps some jobs available for National/EU citizens.

At the same time it ensure there is a fleet available in an emergency and it generate jobs in shipmanagement, finance, insurance etc. (Many of these also requires maritime background)

Shipping is an international industry very dependent on freedom of trade, freedom of navigation and freedom to register their ships where it is most advantageous.

European shipbuilding is NOT dependent on ownership, or which flag the vessels will fly.
European Marine equipment industry, ship design etc. are NOT dependent of where the ships are built.
European seafarer are NOT dependent on working only on ships that fly their national flag.

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would you CEASE with the endless yacking from you about how superior the European way is. It may have certain benefits for shipowners but I do not see the European model of some 2nd register doing anything to foster the pool of people being available for supporting the US military during a war. That has always and will always require US citizen merchant seamen and not those from some other nation and let’s be clear…the topic of this thread is the Sec of Defense saying how important US mariners are for the US military. SO END THIS NONSENSE THAT THE US WILL BENEFIT WITH AN OFFSHORE REGISTER ALLOWING FOREIGN NATIONALS TO MAN THOSE SHIPS…THAT IS NO DIFFERENT THAN JUST MORE FOREIGN FLAGGED SHIPS!

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as I said…build and charter these ships at the same time as expanding the MSP and making damned sure all DoD cargo travels in a US bottom (even if foreign built)

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At the rate USA is burning bridges and cutting Allies you are not going to need a merchant marine soon.


And why should you, as a non American, even be allowed in this discussion? You have ZERO standing to speak!

Why not, I’m a citizen of a Allied country who is on the receiving end of your jekyll and hyde government. I’m just trying to understand the reason for a merchant marine if you are going isolationism?

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To support our military which isolationist or not we intend to maintain

This is getting way off topic and I’m with Kraken on this. C.captain should read your own constitution. Shipping is an international industry and commenting on the industry should be expected from other people than Americans.

Except the subject of this thread is the US Merchant Marine supporting the US Department of Defense which as far as I am concerned is not an international matter. Yes, allied nations all sent their ships across the globe in WWII but this is not the 1940s and the US needs to be able to support its forces overseas without any need to rely on other countries which might not be fully aboard in the mission. History has proven that only US ships manned by US citizens can be completely relied upon to get the bullets, beans and black oil where they’re needed and when they’re needed.


What about the ice cream?? You can’t fight a war without ice cream.

yeah…with marshmallow sauce on it


So you are an advocate for US aggression? You don’t mind US offensive wars fought on the behalf of the military industrial complex?

I can’t copy your text in reply but that is not germane to the thread…every fight the US enters into is not 2003 Iraq so please leave your Eurocentric feelings ashore. The US has its military which remains the planet’s largest and without adequate sealift capability, that military cannot fulfill its mission (whatever that might be)

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Yeah? What is it? Killing goat farmers in Asia? Or goat farmers in the Middle East or maybe some uneducated fucker i Africa? If you don’t know the role of your military what is the point of a merchant marine?

SILENCE! this thread is concerning ships and manpower to operate them not to justify every action the US military ever takes.

Just because the actions the US military took starting in 2001 has lacked a clear definable mission and had been filled with scandals doesn’t mean the next fight will be identical. Take your USA hatred elsewhere mister “I come from a nation where we let the USA protect us”

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