The King of the King of Fruit

Any Durian lover’s dream:

This fruit have just been crowned the “King of Kings” in a durian competition dubbed World Durian Championship 2022: Malaysia Edition held at the Bangi Golf Resort in Selangor recently.

Gross. Sometimes, Ombugge, I think you post shit because you have nothing else to do.


Not gross to any Durian lover:

Even some Americans like it:

PS> I post things for those who may be interested.
If you are not, just skip the post. (That is what I do)

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Durian is a lovely fruit. I like the smell and the taste. Here in Thailand is durian season, for the last few weeks plenty of roadside stalls selling the fruit, between $3 and $7 a kg.

Now an odourless durian from Thailand.

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I was immune to the photo as I can’t recall eating any but I’ll try most anything once!
Pineapple roadside stalls in hawaii hard to beat but pineapple anywhere else isn’t that common.

Pineapple isn’t even from Hawaii. It originated in Brasil and got to Hawaii via Europe:

Does the pizza Hawaii come from Hawaii then?
No it does not and Hawaiian people will almost certainly deny any connection.

PS> Put pieces of Pineapple on any Pizza and it becomes “Hawaiian Pizza”.

Back on topic.
The history and origin of Durian:

In Singapore it is common to eat Mangosteen together with Durian to offset the “heating” effect of Durian:

What you NEVER do is drink Guinness Stout with, or after, eating Durian.

Here are some facts and myths about Durian:

An atrocity


LOL. “They say that” there are 2 kinds of people.