The Iran deal and oil prices. CNN link

I hate to be the courier of ill tidings- but this Iranian deal may lower oil prices by relieving some market insecurity and by paving the way to re-opening the market for Iranian oil.

There’s a lot of digital ink flying around about this so nothing is “written in stone,” but certainly bears watching.

World events drive the price of dead dinosaur carcass more than any one singular thing I can think of.

That’s just what we need! Another 500,000 barrels of oil a day added to the world wide oil economy!!

Already did… Oil prices dropped 2% yesterday in trading as soon as deal was announced.

The US needs a new Republican President. I hear rumors of WMD somewhere in the middle east.

Sorry but I’m not willing to trade a few cents off at the pump for Iran to get nukes.

Anyone who thinks they will hold up their end of the deal is in la-la land.

Iran getting a nuclear bomb will put the whole Middle East in flames and Israel will certainly take natters into their own hands.

Maybe that’s what we need to have this over and done with? (Devils advocate)

[QUOTE=coldduck;165693]Maybe that’s what we need to have this over and done with? (Devils advocate)[/QUOTE]

Just like raising interest rates, I love cheap money, but for fucks sake just raise them a bit already so the market doesn’t go batshit every two weeks when the fed mentions doing so.

I support letting Israel do whatever they want, easy enough without our name directly on it.

If you like your ayatollah…you can keep your ayatollah…

Well said. This deal actually will make it more feasible for the U.S. to take legitimate military action against Iran should they not hold up their end of the bargain. Obama is a lot smarter than the haters would have you believe…

It’s all just a set up for Iraq 2.0

Those poor oppressed people, the Ayatollah must go…


Lifting sanctions isn’t even the big part of the problem … now with deal oshithead had agreed to give them 10s’ of billions of $$$ over the length of the deal. He already gave them 490 million $$$ just to meet with him at the negotiating table. Not sure how Trump would do as Pres but they sure as hell could have used him at the negotiations.

like that "if you like your Ayatollah, you can keep your Ayatollah. No $$$ and no wheat let them eat sand for a few years and then scoot your chair up to that table for a deal.