The good ole USCG has screwed me yet again

welllllll after studying and going to school for the last year and a half and jumping through all the uscg’s hoops i finally received my new lic today. AND IT WAS WRONG!!!
i applied for master NMT500 and a 3000 OSV today i get it and i have no 3000 which is what i really needed!! they said it was gonna be a week or so before they even get back to me!! i swear they have no regard for the 175$ a day they are costing me…

They did the same thing to me. And they weren’t going to give me the 3000 ITC until I cited the policy letter.

Got an “Oh” out of that.

Just reading the posts like this makes me very glad that I don’t have to deal with this kind of thing anymore. The last time I renewed my license (other than for continuity), I was using my time as an ABS Field Surveyor. Back then (maybe now, too but I doubt it), as per the appropriate CFR, I was allowed to do this. I can’t even recall how many letters and responses that I had to write to try and get the issue understood. As I recall, it finally took a phone call and went something like, “Oh, do you carry out surveys of hull and machinery onboard vessels?” Yeah, kinda what I do every day. . . . . .

Yea they put people in charge of a mariners career who know absolutely nothing about boats/ships or even the industry!!!

Yesterday when I called them the little wormy mother f;$.&&) had nothing to say about this several thousand dollar mistake other than yea this happens we’ll get back to you in a week or so