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I guess you don’t like tuna or snow crab then…

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Tuna, like a lot.
Crab, lobster, not interested, waste of effort.

We call them fish sticks on this side of the pond. And we don’t generally eat them with custard.** :wink:


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Agree with Domer. Dumbest waste of time ever. Why the hell am I replying? I have 3 semi large dogs I am babysitting this weekend. I will ask them, as they make more sense. And they like frozen pizza.

That study was funded by the Frozen Food Foundation, part of the American Frozen Food Institute.

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Yes i saw that. I enjoyed the non partisan view.

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Pretty clear to see why the average European is far more healthy than the average American…

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Yes it is but it’s not because they choose fresh fish & fresh vegetables instead of frozen.


The problem with preserving fish for a long time without freezing has been solved a long time ago.By the Norwegians of course.
You take the fresh fish, guts it and hang it up to dry for a couple of months in cold wearer. No salt or other preservative needed:
When it reach the right dryness it becomes “stockfisk” and can be transported and stored for years without cooling or other expensive methods needed.

When you need nourishing food for yourself or your pets, you just beat the sh*t out of it to make it soft and chew able:

Alternatively you can bring it back to near fresh condition by putting the fish in water for a few days. Adding some ash from the cooking stove in the water (Lye) makes the process faster and the fish absorb more water quickly:

Now it can be eaten like fresh fish, but have to be treated like fresh fish as far as “shelf life” is concerned.

Still popular for X-mas in some parts of the world and in places with little or no cold storage facilities (Africa especially):

The real thing is made at home from Stockfish, but it can also be bought in the supermarket ready for the pot, (usually made from salted cod (Klippfisk))

Who need modern “freezer trawlers” and transport chain when you can do it the traditional way?

That road leads to Surströmming, a place nobody wants to go. I’m surprised it didn’t come up in the Cooking at Sea - Horror Stories thread, but I guess if someone was actually stupid enough to bring that shit on a boat, both he and the cans would quietly disappear over the side, no stories ever to be told.

Surströmming is in a way like violent death; You can watch all the videos, but nothing will prepare you for the real deal. The first time someone cracks a can right in front of you, the vast gulf between theory and practice becomes immediately obvious, and amid retching your guts out you realize that this was a loss of innocence best avoided.

If someone offers you surströmming, just say no.


No, but it came up here.

Swamp Donkey; by far the best food I ever had at sea.
Left overs with pasta and shit loads of chillies.
Just what a growing boy needed.

i am all ears, what is it then?

Not eating enough or no vegetables at all. If a similar aged, sized guy in the US ate the same exact foods as a guy in Switzerland but only frozen their health would be about the same if they both burned the same amount of calories. The obesity problem in the US has nothing to do with frozen fish & vegetables. Too many calories, too much fat & not enough movement. It’s a lifestyle problem.

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You guys like fish sticks? (Insert South Park jokes and chuckles here…)


you missed the big scam and that is corn syrup as sugar.
It doesnt have the enzyme that says you are full.
A buddy of mine in Kraft told me as a company we know that helps us with $50bil of over eating sales in the USA where corn syrup is legal

In the Netherlands in 2018 13% of the population above 18 years was obese, versus 39,6% in 2016 of the adults in America, that is triple our amount. Quite a remarkable difference.

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Yep, there’s definitely something going on besides frozen verses fresh. If the obese Americans only ate frozen healthy foods there conditions would be better then what it is now. It’s a systemic issue that goes down to how the 40% obese & other 30% who are overweight think & react to food & activity IMO.

When I was young I was outside the house as long as possible. Playing soccer, swimming or just running around. Nowadays they are inside the house behind the computer or staring at their smartphone for hours. That social media thing is a curse of the modern times in my opinion, they are almost hypnotized by that little machine. It prevents the kids from moving around and get a healthy amount of exercise.